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Having a bowling ball bag makes sense for everyone that visits the lane at least a few times a month. These fabric bags are more about carrying your bowling equipment and accessories than the aesthetics they offer.

With quite a few brands offering numerous models, it often becomes difficult to choose the right bowling ball bag, even for professionals. What is the best 3 ball bowling bag?

When it comes to large ones like three-ball bags, you need to focus on the durability, load capacity, handle and wheel construction. Considering these factors and a few others, we’ve compiled a small list for you.

What Is the Best 3 Ball Bowling Bag?

Instead of putting dozens of 3-ball bowling bags on our list, we’ll only talk about five roller bags that use premium-quality fabrics, zippers, stitching, and heavy-duty frames. Let’s see how these bags can make your daily trips to the lane convenient.

1. Pyramid Path Triple Roller Bowling Bag

This 3 ball roller bowling bag comes with many noticeable benefits, among which durability is noteworthy. Besides the heavy-duty axle and base, its 1680 denier fabric gives it the strength to last for more than a couple of years.

The locking handle extends out easily to help you pull the bag, regardless of your height, and it collapses smoothly into the base. The 5-inch wheels are made of urethane, offering abrasion resistance and a quiet ride. Its ability to withstand extreme surroundings is also prominent.

The bag provides ample room for all your backup and large accessories and personal belongings. The dimensions of the large accessory pocket are 26.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches (L x H x D).

You can use the top compartment that measures 7 x 5 x 2 inches (L x H x D) for small accessories. The small and medium pockets are suitable for your gloves, positioners, rosin bags, towels, and other accessories required during the game.

The shoe compartment features vented grommets (metallic), zippered opening, and a bottom zipper to store shoes (U.S. Men’s 16) easily. One more small compartment can hold your ball cleaner, shammies, shoe brushes, etc.


  • Durable fabric with sturdy axle and base
  • Several accessory pockets to hold all essentials you’ll need while on the lane
  • Dual access compartments for allowing quick access from both the outside and the inside
  • Well-made zippers and stitching


  • Tendency to wobble and spin when pulled/ maneuvered over various obstacles

2. Hammer Premium Triple Tote Bowling Bag

We guess you don’t need a list of benefits to determine the quality of 1680D fabric in terms of durability and resistance to abrasion. But still, you would love to know how much this bag can carry. It can easily hold three balls and the many accessories you rely on.

Its rear handle features rugged construction and adjustability. You cannot use it like any other extendable locking handle, but it offers flexibility as you pull. The carrying handles give you the comfort you need while walking a long distance.

The inline wheels could be as good as the ones of the other bags on our list. Still, they do their job nicely. The accessory pockets are large enough to house your stuff. The rubberized logo reminds anyone looking at the bag of the famous Hammer brand.


  • High-quality fabric
  • Cool aesthetics with a transparent top view
  • One padded shoulder strap and one adjustable pull handle
  • Sturdy rolling wheels
  • Spacious accessory pockets


3. Storm Streamline 3 Ball Roller Bowling Bag

Polyvinyl fabric offers excellent resistance to abrasion, general corrosion, chemical degradation, and weathering. Stability is one of several benefits that come with 600 deniers. So, what do we get here? The Streamline bag is as durable as you expect a bowling bag to be.

The telescopic handle uses plastic and includes a rod made of aluminum alloy, featuring a lock system to offer excellent ergonomics by letting you adapt the handle's length. The grip release adds to your flexibility when handling the bag once it is fully loaded.

Attached to the end of the steel axle are two 4-inch wide wheels that make it easy to pull the bag as you move. The reinforced zippers are strong, and so is the fine-quality stitching visible all around the bag.

Inside the bag are tight compartments to keep one ball from hitting another. Once put inside, the balls don't move much as you carry the bag. The shoe compartment provides ample space for a pair of men's shoes having a U.S. Size 15.


  • Abrasion and corrosion-resistant fabric for durability
  • The telescopic handle, grip release, and two wheels combined to contribute to ergonomics
  • Reinforced stitching and zippers with a steel axle, resulting in heavy-duty construction
  • Spacious pouch to keep several accessories
  • Separate dividers for housing all three balls


  • No dividers for the shoe compartment

4. KAZE SPORTS 3 Ball Bowling Roller

This roller bag uses 1680D nylon, originally called ballistic nylon, known for its widespread application exclusively in the military field. Over the past few decades, its popularity among civilians has been noticeable, and thus, it is now a coveted material in several industries, including fashion and outdoor.

When it comes to 1680D nylon, some of the key benefits include durable construction, abrasion resistance, and toughness. It also holds up well against various indoor/ outdoor elements and extreme temperatures.

Each ball that you'll put inside can be secured with a padded compartment and strong straps, which add to the rolling stability. Two 5-inch PU wheels make the ride smooth as the polyurethane absorbs bumps and shock from the ground and offers a quiet, smooth ride.

The handle is retractable and relies on a square locking mechanism to facilitate its retraction to the base and extensions up to 41.5 inches. You'll have six pockets to keep all your bowling accessories. Use the side mesh pocket as you see fit. A vented compartment holds shoes (men's shoes - 15 size).


  • Durable fabric offering abrasion resistance and mildew resistance
  • Securing straps as well as a padded compartment for each ball
  • Retractable handle with flexible extension
  • Wide wheels with PU construction for a stable and quiet ride
  • Ample space for accessories and shoes


  • Very limited warranty support

5. Storm 3 Ball Rolling Thunder Bowling Bag

600 denier is not the strongest of all, but its medium strength fiber comes at a reasonable price, making the products that use this preferable to expensive options. This particular bag uses polyvinyl fabric, which is resistant to abrasion, shock, degradation, corrosion, and weathering. So if you want a bowling bag with a long lifespan, here it is.

The heavy-duty hardware with a steel axle adds to the frame's strength. The two 5-inch wide wheels have six spokes, bearings, and soft gum tires to offer low rolling resistance and excellent traction, easing your pulling movement from behind.

The bag has separate security flaps to secure the balls while on the move. The reinforced zippers have large bolts to give dual access to the different compartments (for accessories and shoes). You can keep size 15 shoes (U.S. men's) in the roomy compartments.


  • Ample room for the balls, accessories, and shoes
  • Large bolt zippers for quick access to your stuff
  • Cost-effective fabric with a sturdy frame and high-quality hardware
  • Soft gum wall tires for stable and smooth rides


  • Some creases might be in several spots, which could take some restoration effort.

With plenty of choices around, you may want to look beyond the ones we’ve already talked about. Well, in that case, you’ll have questions that must be answered before a choice is made. Here is your guide to finding the best 3 ball bowling bag.

How to Choose the Best Ball Bowling Bag?

To ensure that you don't need to look for a new bag once a year, you should consider more things than the material and capacity. Below are a few tips to follow.


Leather, polyvinyl, and nylon are the materials of choice for bowling ball bags, although there are differences in their popularity and applications.

Leather is a durable material with excellent solidity yet the least amount of stability. However, you don't want to have a leather bowling ball bag for your daily lane trips because leather cannot withstand much long being exposed to constant movement.

Polyvinyl is another textile material woven from durable plastic threads weaved in tight cloth, resulting in a semi-stiff material for a reliable, waterproof bag.

If durability is your priority, nylon makes it to the top of the materials list, thanks to its water-repellent properties. Nylon bags are also known for their unique finish.

Interior Capacity and Pockets

One of the key aspects of bowling bags is their internal capacity which determines how many items can be kept inside. Bags with the highest interior capacity can accommodate up to four balls, while the least capacity is suitable for one ball.

Pockets are essential parts of a bag as they help you organize your accessories and items and ensure neatness in doing so. Typically, a bag has at least two pockets that provide adequate room for bowling accessories.

Axle and Bottom Design

Bowling ball bags have axles to support the wheels. These metal pieces are strong enough to carry the bag's weight (loaded or empty).

The bottom of a bag features padding/ cushioning on its exterior part that absorbs the impact from the surface it's placed on. This cushioning is made from high-density material to increase the bag's longevity.

On the interior side of the bottom are some cup-like sections to hold each ball in its place. Without this section, the ball cannot be prevented from moving inside as you roll the bag.


Bowling bags, especially the roller style, come with handles, some of which are retractable and feature a locking mechanism. Extendable handles are preferred by those who move around a lot. One of the benefits of using an extendable type is that it is adjustable, and you need not bend your body to pull the bag.

Some handles are short, having some cushioning. You only can lift the bag and carry it using that type of handle. In this regard, remember to choose a thick handle.


Bags with wheels are all about mobility. Generally, you'll see three different materials for wheels such as plastic, cast iron, and PU wheels. Among the three choices, PU wheels are the most reliable for their ability to absorb shock. Try to choose wider wheels for a better ride.

Shoe Compartment

A separate shoe compartment is another common feature available in most bowling bags. These storage options can accommodate different shoe sizes ranging from 11 to 15 US Men's.

Safety Details and Style Elements

In addition to the basic parts of a bowling ball bag, you have a few more components to look at, such as straps, locks, and zippers. These items are more than extras since they aid in the safety and convenience of bowling balls, accessories, and your stuff.

When choosing a bowling ball bag, you should check all the locks, security straps, and zippers. These bags use some textile materials made to be solid and strengthened with reinforced stitching.

Bowling ball compartments are separated pockets with metal zippers and foam cups. Check these components carefully because the position of the balls needs to be stable as you move the bag. Accessory pockets feature hidden compartments and zipper covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are often asked by those who need bowling ball accessories and gear. So, the answers are important as you need your bowling bag to be functional and last for years.

What are the different types of bowling ball bags?

Answer: Three types of bags are commonly found in the market: roller, retro, and tote bags. Roller bags may feature shoulder straps with soft padding or handles. Retro bags typically feature a carry handle.

Both of these types are smaller than roller bags which are often more expensive. Roller bags include two wheels, and you can pull them from behind. These bags also offer room for more than one ball and are designed to carry more weight.

Which accessories should you keep inside a bowling ball bag?

Answer: Bowlers need to use quite a long list of equipment and accessories, some of which cannot be kept in a bag. The ones that can be kept inside a bag include Abralon pads, Shammy pads, wipes, cleaners, KT tape, skin patches/ protective tapes, rosin bags, bowler's tape, towels, gloves, powder grip sacks, etc.

How to wash bowling bags?

Answer: Start with dusting off the bag using a piece of cloth. If your bag needs an in-depth cleansing, you need to wash it instead of simply getting rid of the loose dirt/ dust.

  • Mix some detergent with warm water in a wide tub.
  • Leave your bag for a few hours (4-5 hours) to eliminate all the bacteria that may accumulate.
  • Take the wet bag from the water and use fresh water to rewash it.
  • Leave the bag for as long as it needs to dry.
  • Try to dust off the bag at least once a week and perform a thorough cleaning at least once a month.

How should you store your bowling bag?

Answer: To store your bag when you're not using it doesn't only mean that you're just keeping it for future uses. It also means you're willing to do whatever is possible to protect it from mold.

  • Air the bag once a month, and don't put it in a confined space for too long.
  • Sometimes, leaving it in sunlight for a while is good but try to avoid the hours while the sun shines the hottest.
  • Avoid leaving the bag outside at night because it may worsen the bag's condition by exposing it to humidity.
  • When putting the bag into a large dust bag, use a breathable one.
  • Keep a dehumidifier close to the place where your bag is stored.
  • During rainy days, make sure the bag is free of moisture or 100% dry as you attempt to store it.

How can you replace the wheels on a bowling roller bag?

Answer: Before you start replacing the wheels of your bag, you need some preparations.

  • Wipe each wheel down before removing them.
  • Turn the bag upside down or in any other direction for your convenience.
  • Get a pair of screwed wheels (from the same brand as the ones you're trying to replace) since most bowling bags use screwed wheels.

As you are ready to start replacing the wheels, these are the steps to follow.

  • Unscrew all the screws that secure the wheels.
  • Push out the metal clip that secures the wheels to your bag.
  • Remove each of the existing wheels to replace with the new ones.
  • Push in the clip, and screw the new wheel into your bag.

Final Verdict

As we mentioned above, each of the 3 ball roller bowling bags has its specialties. So, what is the best 3 ball bowling bag? The answer is not straightforward, but we’re trying to provide actionable insights into them.

If you need to carry plenty of accessories regularly, the Pyramid Path roller bag is a good option. With a focus on everything that makes a bowling bag a good investment, you’ll love to have the Storm Streamline bowling bag. If you see yourself rolling a tote bag, the Hammer Premium Tote Bag can be the one to choose.

Still got a question? We are here to help. Feel free to shoot a message or share your thoughts with us. Happy bowling!

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