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As bowling sport become more interactive, the lanes are prone to get dry, thus affecting the rolling efficiency of the ball. Furthermore, the medium and heavy oiled lanes can prone to this mess too. Therefore, to solve or avoid this problem, you should go for the best heavy oil bowling ball. These balls are designed to deliver optimum top-notch performances.

Bowling is currently one of the best pastimes and sports activities for most people around the world. To date, people do go friendlies with their friends, families and even workmates. So, not only is bowling a good sport or past time activity, but it is also a great recreational activity. And to get the best bowling experienced, you need to get the best bowling ball for heavy oil lanes.

So, how do you determine the best bowling ball for heavy oil? And what makes them the ideal choice?

Well, since finding the best ball can be hard if you aren't an expert, we have done intensive research and compiled top 7 heavy oil bowling ball reviews for you.

So, let's start!

Top 7 Best Heavy Oil Bowling Balls in 2020

1. Ebonite Omni

Meet Omni, a quality versatile bowling ball with incredible lane performance. This ball is among the best bowling balls for heavy oil lanes, as well as the most loved by many. This is simply because of its versatility and usability, which can fit many styles of play.

The color scheme used for this ball is black and blue, which is identical to the Gamebreaker and V2 solid balls. This ball also comes with characteristics of the popular GSV 2.0 cover, which if you are an Ebonite fan you will love it.

Asymmetric shape Omni core is one of the standout features of this Ebonite line. And for more power and greater impact, the outer core features a certified DynamiCore technology. The combination of Dynamicore and V2 provides you with a ball that has a hitting power of a truck.

Why this ball?

There are a ton of reasons why we recommend ball, but here are a few standout reasons why it is an ideal choice for you.

  • GSV 2.0 + Dynamicore technology. A combination of these two features does not only deliver great power and impact, but it also gives a boundless sturdy mid-lane and backend motion. This ensures less effort but great results because of improved efficiency.
  • Asymmetric core type. This is another feature that influences this ball's performance. Despite being an advance (experts) ball type, this feature also makes the ball perfect for beginners looking for the first ball. It also offers more hook and reaction, thus allowing you to finish better through the pins.
  • Coverstock outer shell. The outer shell of this ball features a GSV 2.0 construction making the ball suitable for medium to heavy lane conditions.

Other considerations

  • Not that suitable for dry lanes. The ball was mostly designed with features that make it ideal for medium-heavy to heavy lanes. The main reason is the coverstock outer shell is not too soft to fit dry lanes.

2. DV8 Intimidator

Hey, you want to see your ball blow a rack apart or smash all pins? If so, then DV8 Intimidator can easily make that happen.

This HUGE asymmetric core ball is one of the best designs in the market that come with Dynamicore technology and offer excellent performance for heavy oiled lanes. The ball features a 500/2000 Siaair factory finish and matte color finishes (of Black/Purple/White), giving it standard look and feel.

Boasting a perfect scale hook rating of 236.1, you are assured of ultimate bowling experience. The ball has also been designed to fit medium to heavy oil conditions with incredible core features. The design of this ball gives it superior traction in heavy oil conditions.

Why this ball?

  • Assailant core + Inciter Max Solid Reactive coverstock. DV8 has combined these two in order to improve the ball hook that is essential in medium to heavy oil conditions.
  • Durability Optimization Technology (DOT). This technology has been engineered to this ball as a core feature to enhance both durability and performance. Furthermore, this technology complements the DynamiCore feature.
  • Asymmetric weight block. This feature aid in ensuring you get precise throw with ample control. This means you can easily smash all pins with just a single throw.

Other considerations

  • It is a bit expensive, although the price varies depending on the weight of the ball.
  • It is more of a heavy lane ball. This means if you are planning to use it on dry lane conditions, then it won't work efficiently.
  • It might not suit beginners. This bawling ball is known for impeccable performance, but one downside to its design is it doesn't suit beginners that much. It is fitted with some hooks that most beginners aren't aware of it and it also heavy.

3. Motiv Alpha Jackal

The Motiv Alpha Jackal is one of the top-rated heavy oil bowling balls in the market. This ball exceeds expectations by generating more friction to enhance its hook potential as well as crushing abilities. Having better control abilities, you can crush the pins with just one throw.

Be an Alpha on the lanes with this updated version that comes with Coercion HV3, the stronger solid reactive coverstock. This ball is arguably the best of all Jackals balls to date because it is equipped with Predator V2 asymmetric weight block core. This core, therefore, makes the most of track flare and revs within low RG and high differential.

So, if you are a bowler and you need a high-end quality bawling ball with impressive traction on heavy oiled lanes, then Motiv Alpha Jackal is a perfect choice.

Why this ball?

  • Updated version. This is the latest version, which means it is fitted with the latest quality-enhancing technologies, which improves its performance.
  • Predator V2 asymmetric weight block. This type of core is currently the top-performing core. It provides an enormously low RG and high differential, which in turn maximizes the revs and flare.
  • Ideal for a heavy oiled lane. Alpha jackal is made with a Coercion HV3 Solid coverstock, which is known to provide maximized traction for heavy lanes.
  • Asymmetric core. This type of core gives you more control when throwing the ball hence improving its efficiency when it comes to hitting the pins.
  • Good warranty. The super engineered bawling comes with a 1 Year ball warranty giving you ample time to enjoy bowling without any problem.

Other considerations

  • It can be heavy to some. This Alpha Jackal bowling ball is available in three weights, 14,15 and 16 pounds, which will not suit teenagers and also beginners.

4. Columbia 300 Baller

The new high-performance Columbia 300 baller creation comes from a combination of a new asymmetric weight block and a new coverstock. It is a new technology brand that brings exquisite performance from inside to out and will help you upgrade your game to the next level.

This most aggressive heavy oil bowling ball features an asymmetrical core, which is shelled by a super-strong hybrid reactive coverstock. This ball's the coverstock more elastomeric all because of enhanced lane footprint, which is essential in creating a more consistent reaction throughout the lane. This feature also improves the ball's hook potential.

Why this ball?

  • ERT Hybrid coverstock. It offers a greater overall hook due to enhance traction it creates in the midlane. It comes in a 500/2000 Abralon finish.
  • Big Time Core. The overall mass of this ball's core is concentrated on one plane. It also comes in an asymmetric core design which grants you a better ball control while bowling. And with better control, the back end re-orientates into an unstable rotation hence delivering unmatched precision. Furthermore, the unstable rotation gives the ball a better hook since the rotation increases the core's energy consumption.
  • Higher RG core & Close Differential. This ball boasts a higher RG core design than Savage core giving it better stability hence better performance. It also has improved flare potential due to its close differential.
  • It features an aggressive core design that is partnered with dull-colored cover to offer a better reaction on medium to heavily oiled patterns.

Other considerations

  • Not ideal for dry lane since it has higher traction, which will lead to a slowing throw that might end up missing the pins.

5. Storm Crux Prime

From one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, the Storm Crux Prime was designed to offer incredible durability with cutting-edge core technology. It is one of the most addictive releases by Storm that serves to instill aggression and forgiveness as an unprecedented combo when it comes to bowling. Rest assured, this masterpiece doesn't disappoint at performing exceptionally well on heavy-oil lane conditions.

With an all-new SPEC coverstock, this spectacular bowling ball delivers an amazing midlane read in the oil together with a unique backend motion and an extended longevity formulation. Such exquisite features offer one the chance to play harder for longer and win better.

Why this ball?

  • Developed by Storm. Storm is one of the leading manufacturers in bowling balls and is well-known for their exquisite designs and exemplary technology used to produce their golden balls. You know that a bowling ball is good when it comes from Storm.
  • 2000 grit Arbalon factory finish. The grit needed depends on the lane pattern you bowling on, and this 2000 grit Arbalon factory finish brings you a less sensitive but attractive feel and look. You also get a slightly bigger measure and hook.
  • Solid Reactive coverstock. Such a coverstock offers longevity and exemplary hitting power at the same time.
  • Asymmetrical core. Exhibits a distinct angular movement allowing the ball to carve out more space at the breakpoint and respond to friction faster than their counterparts. It also engages the pins along a curved trajectory for the maximum pinfall and strikes.
  • 6" + Flare Potential. The Storm Crux Prime has a high flare potential making it suitable for oily surfaces.
  • Versatile ball has a significant hook potential.
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Produced by a reputed company such as Storm.

Other considerations

  • Produced for heavy-oiled lanes, may perform poorly in drier conditions.

6. Motiv Trident Abyss

For a heavy-oil lane, you would need a ball that not only brings the heat into the competition but also pressure and strong motion for an effective and clear strike. The Motive Trident Abyss is an exemplary bowling ball designed and produced by Motiv, whose Trident line-based products extends into the darkest waters and especially with its asymmetric core.

The core allows it to provide strong-motion together with an earlier read forcing it to latch onto the oil and getting the best of grips no matter how much oil is used on the lane. It beats the odds for heavy-oil lanes and does well at all skill levels.

Why this ball?

  • High Flare Potential. Since you're dealing with a heavy-oiled lane, you would need a stronger hook, and this comes with the high flare potential that the Motiv Trident Abyss delivers. This allows the ball surface to contact the lane and latch onto it no matter how much oil is in its way.
  • Asymmetric core. It increases the torque from the ball's spin and, thus, engages the pins along a curved trajectory for the maximum pinfall as well as strikes. It also produces a considerable amount of flare for extended pin-to-PAP distances.
  • Coercion HV3 solid reactive cover stock. Absorbs a lot of oil and, with a hyper-aggressive cover stock, delivers a robust and varied hook potential.
  • 2000 grit Abarlon factory finish. While it might not deliver a highly aggressive motion speed, it is less sensitive and has a good and favorable angle to many.
  • Matte finish. A smooth surface that allows the ball to skid moderately on the oily lane and achieve an earlier roll.
  • Good friction on heavy oil patterns
  • Suitable for both advanced and professional bowlers for the best results

Other considerations

  • Not suitable for beginners
  • High-maintenance cover stock due to heavy reactivity
  • Can be costly for a bowling ball

7. Hammer Statement Solid

If you're looking to make a striking statement to the competition, then the Hammer Statement Solid should be more than enough for a heavy pinfall. With the trademark Hammer hitting potential and exemplary ability to retain a lot of energy for a great backend reaction, the Hammer Statement Solid is a one-of-a-kind bowling assassin.

Designed by Hammer, this pro bowling ball features the new low RG/high differential asymmetric core, allowing it to scream through the pin deck with lots of energy. It is capable of reacting beautifully to both heavy oil and changes in the oil pattern on the lane.

Why this ball?

  • Low RG/high differential Asymmetric core. Stores energy effectively and efficiently as well as promote excellent lane carry. The weight block composition also creates rolling properties that offer the professional bowler a better advantage against their opponents.
  • Aggression Solid CFI cover stock. This kind of cover stock reads heavy oil lanes very well and enables you to tweak and control your hook shot easily, even in a densely-oiled lane. It also gives you adequate friction in the heavy oil while the core transforms it into some spectacular pin trajectories upon impact.
  • Medium Flare Potential. This results in a lesser "bow-tie" pattern as compared to high flare balls, making it suitable for both heavy and light lane conditions.
  • Suitable for both heavy and medium oil lane conditions
  • Strong traction in heavy conditions
  • Suitable for professional and advanced bowlers

Other considerations

  • It can be costly. This model is a bit costly when compared to other similar brands in the market. But regardless of that, it delivers ultimate performance as supposed to.
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Cannot be used on drier lanes

Things to consider before buying bowling ball for heavy oil lanes

The stay at the top of your game, you need a bowling ball that fits your lane conditions and fits your abilities to manage the situation better.

Purchasing the best bowling ball for heavy oil lanes can be a complicated task for most people. This is because several things should be put into consideration while picking one. Furthermore, several factors dictate these things or features that a specific ball should have to fit its use.

For example, lane condition – keep in mind that some ball works well on dry lanes while others don't. Simple as that.

Long story short, here are some of the things you should consider when choosing a bowling ball for heavy oil conditions.

Check its lane conditions

Lane conditions play a major role when it comes to convenient bawling. This is why all manufacturers do include their recommended lanes conditions for each of their bowling balls. Therefore, this reduces your hustle of wondering which is for dry lanes and which is for medium to heavy lanes. 

In addition, some manufactures have also gone a step further into including the patterns their ball is suited or ideal for


The second thing that I usually check before or after the recommended lane condition is the price. This is because I usually have a budget to adhere to avoid impulse buying. Therefore, I will also recommend that you always have a specified budget or price that you can afford. Moreover, you don't need expensive bawling ball to rock anyway; if you are a top-level bowler, you can get a quality and well-priced ball.


Weight is a must factor that any person should consider since it determines how easy you can through the ball. 10 to 12 pounds is the perfect weight for teens, and for adults, 12 to 15 pounds is the recommended weight for you.

Bowling ball materials and construction

What are the main types of bowling balls coverstock? Remember that a bowling ball consists of only two main parts, the core, and the coverstock. The core is the weight block, and it is situated inside the ball and covered by the coverstock, which is the outer part.

Therefore, the type of coverstock depends on the material used, which are four in total.

  • Plastic -This is ideal for beginners simply because it has a low hook potential due to less friction on the surface, and they are light.
  • Reactive resin -This is one of the most challenging to control the ball because they can be affected by small errors on the lane. They also generate high friction, have better pin action, and high hook potential.
  • Urethane – More durable type that offers great pin action deflects less, has high hook potential, and generate higher friction.
  • Particle -Also known as proactive, this type of bawling ball is suitable for heavily oiled since they offer getter friction that is in the lane by digging into the lane.

Follow the rule of thumb

To enjoy a rewarding bawling experience, there are certain conditions you should meet, and this is where the rule of thumb comes into play. Therefore, the rule states that;

Go for the bowling balls with solid coverstock, if you often encounter medium or heavily oiled lanes. But if you often face dry lanes, then the ideal bowling balls will be the ones with stiff coverstock or peal.

This rule is according to experts' recommendations.

Check the Reviews

Before you buy any product, it is always wise to read reviews first before committing to purchasing it. This is essential in that it helps you understand the product further, like know its unnamed pros or the problems you might likely experience using it. You can also understand whether they actually perform better or not in the recommended lane conditions.

With the information that you get from reading the reviews, you will be able to make a sound decision on which ball to buy.

Final thought

Overall, the best heavy oil bowling ball is the one that fully suits your needs. And to get a new heavy oil bowling balls that suit your needs, then there are a few factors you need to consider. We have addressed all the essential factors within this article on our buying guide section, so be sure to check them again. And remember the best bowling ball doesn't have to be expensive. You can easily get a top-rated, cheap heavy oil bowling ball in the market that will offer incredible performance too.

That said, you can now pick the best-fit bowling ball from our top 7 list and keep bowling. Thanks for your time.

86 / 100