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Bowling is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting sports activities. It doesn’t matter whether you are in it for fun and exercise or as a career thing. Yes, you will enjoy taking shorts, competing, and winning—however, there is one major drawback to this activity that everyone faces.

Drawback: When bowling, your joints are always put under a lot of strain, and the most susceptible joint of all is your wrist. This may lead to the occurrence of several wrist problems like wrist tendonitis or wrist arthritis.

So, to avoid hurting your wrist every time you make a short, you should, therefore, get the best wrist support for bowling. To help you get the right wrist support, we have performed deeper research and compiled the top 12 top-rated bowling wrist supports for you.

That said, let's now take a look and see which one will fit you best.

Top 12 Bowling Wrist Supports in 2022

1. Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner

Personally, I love this brace. Why? Because it has improved my consistency while protecting my wrist. This bowling wrist support is currently one of the best braces in the market. Its unique design gives it an advanced performance, which is essential for every bowler.

Kool Kontrol wrist supporter is equipped with quality and comfortable Velcro straps. These straps are important in providing a comfortable and secure fit. For enhanced comfort, this wrist support is made with unique fabric materials that are soft and gentle to your skin. Furthermore, this material allows sweat to evaporate which in turn improves your comfort.

This brace supports your wrist when you're placing your hand in a perfect release position. But to achieve this, this wrist support features two removable metal supports. They’re positioned on the backside and the front side of your wrist.

It is designed to provide exceptional support and outstanding results. This means, throughout your ball release, your wrist will be in the proper position, thanks to the proven classic styling


  • Provide a comfortable and secure fit
  • Improves your striking consistency
  • It is a universal brace that you can wear even in other rigorous activities that involves wrist movement
  • It is easy to put on
  • It gives more support to your wrist
  • Affordable


  • The backing metal plates included works, but they are not too tough to handles higher loads
  • The metal plates can also bend out of place fairly easily at times, and at almost every outing, you may need to readjust them.

2. Mongoose Optimum Bowling Wrist Band Support Brace

Looking for a quality wrist band support that alleviates wrist pains while improving your higher score consistency? If so, then Mongoose Optimum Wrist Band is the ideal choice for you.

The unique design of the Mongoose "optimum" support brace offers both "Equalizer" and "Lifter." This means your wrist will be protected at all points and during any movement. With this support brace, you are granted better thumb release together with better lift and consistent shots.

It is also a cool, comfortable fit brace designed to effectively support your wrist by allowing your fingers to have better control. After every brief braking period, your hand effectively flexes back to its natural position thanks to its unique manufacturing design of this brace.

Another good thing about this brace is that it helps increase the speed of your throw. This is simply because it is one of the most flexible, at the same time, a stronger brace in the market. With that, you can effectively improve your ball control, which in turn increases the speed.


  • Comfortably fits your hand
  • It helps you develop fingers strengths which may lead into you bowling without fingers straps
  • It will help you improve your game while protecting your wrist
  • Improves your release consistency which helps you straighten your throws
  • It keeps your fingers and hand strong and free from pain even after five or six games
  • Well priced


  • The aluminum plates in this brace are a bit weaker, and they aren't removable. This means they cannot be removed without cutting the fabric.

3. Robby's Revs II Right Hand

If you want a brace that molds itself to the shape of your hand, then the ideal choice for you is Robby's Revs II wrist support. This is because it is a uniquely designed brace that is comfortable and offers greater rev control. What allows better rev control in this brace is the four-forward wrist-cup positions abilities that this wrist support hand.

This sleek blue wrist support is adjustable to offer a comfortable and secure fit at all times. To manage the pressure build-up, this brace comes with a tension knob, which is located at the back of the brace. Furthermore, this wrist support features a buckle system that helps manage tension while ensuring a secure fit.

Besides, the two adjustments are specifically designed to execute two major roles, which are:

  • One adjustment helps in improving the depth of the shot before it hooks by changing the axes of rotation.
  • The other one is essential in that it creates more revolutions on the ball, increasing its speed and power. 

This brace allows you to easily create more side roll, which leads to increased back-end hook angle and length. But for this to be possible, this wrists support heightens the wrist rotation during release, thanks to its extended index finger design. 


  • Increases length
  • It offers a nearly perfect wrist positioning every single time
  • Feature two important adjustments
  • Supports your weak wrist
  • Improves the ball reaction on the lanes as well as improved pocket hits
  • Gives you the revs you want
  • Outstanding comfort


  • It is a bit expensive

4. MICHELIN Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support

Storm Xtra-Hook brace is one of the top-rated braces in the market. This is simply because of its impeccable ability to protect your wrist while giving you an added advantage in the lanes.

This wrist support is equipped with some of the outstanding and advanced features, which are essential for enhanced support, better comfort, and great lane performance. You can carry a 210 ave with this brace since it gives extra revs as well as protecting your wrist.

If you are nursing a wrist injury, then the best wrist support that will stabilize your wrist is this one. The good thing is that you can still wear it after your wrist has fully healed. Keep in mind that you can wear this wrist support at any time to protect your wrist, but not only when you are nursing a wrist injury.

Proper hand positioning with added lift support is another key advantage of using this wrist brace. And to ensure you have a comfortable and secure fit, the brace comes with Velcro straps for easy adjustment.


  • Feature easily adjustable straps
  • It is ideal for protecting against or nursing a wrist injury
  • Outstanding comfort and durability
  • Improved axis retention due to its extended index finger
  • Affordable price


  • The only drawback I experienced using this wrist support is that it gets warm after 3 games, which can be a little bit uncomfortable going forward.
  • The strapped index finger can add an extra hook for the balls with a built-in hook. This will definitely affect ball control in some people

5. Storm Xtra-Grip Plus Right-Hand Wrist Support

Here comes another top-rated, super comfy wrist support from Storm. Storm Xtra-Grip Plus brace is quite different from the rest in that is covers almost all your hand -from your wrist to the fingers.

The design of this brace intends to provide ultra comfort while protecting your wrist. It is a durable design with reinforced backhand support that helps in providing consistent positioning of your wrist. This allows you to keep your game up throughout bowling.

This wrist support also offers great tendon support, which helps power as well as protect your wrist, thanks to its strong elastic wrist wrap. The major drawback of this type of design is that they get warmer really fast, making it uncomfortable to wear. But to curb this drawback, Storm has incorporated supreme ventilation to keep your hand dry and cool.

Some braces of similar design have seen bowlers complain of them being slippery. So, to ensure this doesn’t happen in Storm Xtra design, they have designed it with unique gripping material. These materials help in increasing its hook ability while giving you a feeling of added control.


  • Improved wrist support
  • Improved ventilation for comfortable wear, unlike similar wrist, supports
  • Offer better and consistent wrist position
  • It doesn't fall apart like the way most other products do
  • Improves your high score ratings
  • Reasonably priced


  • Despite having supreme ventilation they still get warmer after 4 to 5 games
  • Finger grips will wear out after time which is a common thing anyway

6. Brunswick Bionic Wrist Positioner

This durable aluminum construction wrist positioner is among the top-rated braces in the market. With it made with durable aluminum materials, you are assured of getting a stronger brace that is comfortable and lightweight.

Brunswick Bionic brace aid you in developing more powerful ball rolls that are consistent. This is because if feature and extended finger version design that supports your wrist. It also grants you better ball control, which in turn gives you consistent high score throws. This means you can improve your game while protecting your wrist at a go.

With its unique design, you are assured to get different lateral positions and wrist cup, which will ensure you stay at the top of your game. One thing to keep in mind if you choose to get this brace is that "don't expect instant change." This is a common thing mostly to those of you of haven't used any wrist positioner before. First, is you will experience a weird feeling for having brace wrapped around your wrist, but only for a few days.

Beside improved wrist support and positioning, this wrist positioner will also help you increase your speed. This brace also features great adjustments that are very adjustable and can easily be "un-adjusted."


  • Improves your lateral positioning
  • It is a durable design
  • Improved speed
  • Features a sturdier built that is lightweight
  • It has quality adjustments that won't irritate your index finger


  • The adjustability of this wrist positioner is okay but not as easy as it seems to be

7. Brunswick Shot Repeater X

If you are looking for a fashionable wrist support that is super comfy as well as durable, then Brunswick Shot Repeater X is a perfect choice. This brace features a modern design, which is ideal for those who like to move with trends.

The good thing is that this wrist support is adorned with useful features making it a top-rated and reliable brace. Every person likes something comfortable but not heavy. And the best example is this brace since it is made with lightweight fabric that has greater moisture absorption abilities. This means your hand won't get sweaty, therefore, better comfort.

The brace comes with three straps that are essential in providing a comfortable fit. It is a China-made product that is specially engineered to promote proper positioning of your wrist. You can repeat your shot over and over while hitting high scores since the support keeps your wrist well-positioned during bowling.

To keep your wrist locked in place, this brace is designed metal plates that are both inserted at the back and front of your brace.


  • Alleviates tendentious problem while keeping you bowling at the top of your game
  • Gives you consistent shots almost every time
  • Improves your game by helping you steady your wrist position
  • Comfortable, super-absorbent fabric
  • It is a lightweight brace
  • Three comfortable fit straps for a confident fit


  • The metal plates included in this wrist support are a bit stiff and may fail to relax enough after bending.
  • A few customers have complained of metal plates being short

8. Robby's Cool-max Plus

This is one of Robby's top Originals brace designed with superior, patented metal support to ensure your wrist is secure during bowling.

Designed with comfort in mind, it features a fast-drying Cool-Max model design that helps keep your hand dry throughout the game. It isn't damp, sticky support, so you shouldn't worry about sweating when using this brace.

The sturdy fabric construction makes it strong and durable wrist support that offers comfort and support at once. The brace is also adorned with Velcro straps that help you adjust your wrist support for a comfortable and secure fit.


  • Made with suitable material that doesn't stink
  • Offer ultra-comfort that grants a competitive edge
  • Proper wrist position
  • It is a comfortable design that holds firmly without affecting your ball control abilities
  • Sturdy construction
  • It is a first drying wrist support


  • High points in the brace might wear out quickly, but it doesn't affect your game that much
  • It is fast drying but doesn't have good ventilation though

9. Robby's Leather Plus

This is another top-quality Robby's wrist support that is made of leather for max support. This support gifts you with effective release since if offers great wrist support. The brace is adorned with outstanding features that ensure you get the best bowling experience ever.

Your wrist position will be better when wearing Robby's Leather Plus wrist support. This improves your bowling consistency will be an increase, which means you are going to have hit consistent high scores.

Since it is a leather brace, durability, is therefore, enhanced unlike fabric type braces. And so, you are assured of having a comfortable and durable leather construction brace. It also features two sewn-in metal plates that are necessary for proper wrist support and wrist positioning. More importantly, these metal supports also improve the consistency of your game, thus keeping you at the top of your game.

The Robby's Leather Plus brace also comes with Velcro straps that provide a comfortable and secure fit. Therefore, you can adjust and comfortably tighten your brace without affecting your comfort or sacrificing brace's effectiveness.

The brace is sewed well all across the edges to ensure that there are no pressure points left that might affect your comfort. Furthermore, to improve the comfort, it features a fast-drying, soft fabric inside, which prevents any sweat build.


  • Offers longer and firmer support due to sewn-in straight metal support
  • It ensures that you maintain straight forearm
  • It is a sturdier and durable brace
  • Provides stronger release position
  • Sturdy construction
  • You can bowl with it even if you have carpal tunnel syndrome since it is a best bowling wrist support for pain


  • The leather used is somehow low quality since the metal supports will start poking through it over some time.

10. MICHELIN Storm C4 Wrist Positioner

If you are looking for another heavy-duty wrist support, then I will recommend checking the Storm C4 Wrist Positioner. Durability is one to the top guaranteed things when it comes to this bowling wrist support.

Trust me when I say wrist position and lateral adjustment have been taken to another level by this brace. This is simply because it features a single switch that allows instant lateral and cup wrist angle adjustments. This support will, therefore, give you a better consistent wrist position, which in turn improves your overall scores.

The good thing about this type of braces is that you don't have to worry about removable or sewn-in metal plates not being effective, or worst case ripping through the leather or fabric.

However, some of the heavy-duty designs are known not to be very comfortable, but when it comes to this brace, you are assured of enhanced comfort. This is because Storm C4 comes with a removable hand and wrist pad that enhances your comfort, and it is replaceable.

This wrist positioner will be effective so long as you care for it. So, I highly recommend putting it where it can’t be banged around.


  • It is a great wrist positioner
  • Durable and adjustable design
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • It amplifies your mistake and forces you into making correction
  • Improves your rev rates
  • It will definitely keep you at the top during league games.


  • It is more of a wrist positioner that it is a wrist brace; therefore, it may not be suitable for those who are specifically looking for a wrist brace.
  • No XXL size

11. Brunswick Pro Wrist Support

If you want something less complicated and specifically effective wrist brace, then you should try Brunswick Pro Wrist Support. This wrist support id one of the top-performing Brunswick's braces in the market thanks to its outstanding features.

Comfort is one of the key features of bowling at the top of your game. And to help with this, Brunswick has designed this foam latex construction support for you. This will, therefore, guarantee you of getting revolutionary comfort every time you are bowling.

It is an easy brace to put on as well as remove that you even need no manual or guidance to do it. The brace comes with Velcro straps that not only provide secure and uncomfortable fit but also enhancing durability. Considering the design of this brace, I will say that it is a well-priced brace instead of fairly cheap.

This wrist brace is designed in a way that it straightens your wrist while playing hence protecting you from straining your wrist.


  • It is made with latex foam material, which improves comfort
  • Considering material used this brace is fairly durable
  • It perfectly works as a wrist brace
  • Increased wrist protection
  • Better agility of your hand and fingers
  • super comfortable neoprene
  • Adjustable Velcro straps for a little more support


  • It is too small, and it might, at times, slip to the upper side of your arm and fail to support your wrist. Otherwise, very supportive.

12. Mongoose "Lifter Bowling Wrist Band Support Brace

This wrist band support is another top-quality product from Mongoose with unique design as well as impeccable features. This wrist support is also available in a wide range of different colors, giving you an extra advantage to choosing your favorite color.

When it comes to comfort, this wrist support is well equipped for that. It is designed with a Velcro strap and using fabric material that offers a secure and comfortable fit during the game. The wrist band maintains your hand cool while allowing the fingers to work effectively. Therefore, this Mongoose wrist support will provide both comfortable fits as well as proper wrist support while bowling.

The design ensures consistent better lift through thumb release and consistent roll on the lanes. It also features Velcro straps that improve comfortable fitting while allowing proper adjustment and fast removal. This US-made product will allow you to keep your index and pinky fingers free by keeping all other fingers under straps.


  • Improves your games by powering you into bowling straight balls
  • It is the best bowling wrist support for hook
  • Supports better release
  • You only need a few days of a couple of weeks to break in.
  • Easy to use and you can easily adjust it to move from one style to another. This is an added advantage if you are that type of person with two or more styles of play.
  • Well priced


  • It can be a bit too tight and wormer if you are not used to these types of wrist supports

Things to Consider Before Buying Bowling Wrist Supports

When it comes to choosing the best wrist brace for bowling, there are several key features that you should consider if you are to get the best product. Remember, there are a ton of braces out there in the market, therefore, making it almost impossible to get your perfect match.

But with these key features, you will be a step ahead towards getting the wrist brace that is best for you. These features help you understand what to look for in wrist supports.

So, here are some of the key features you should keep in mind.

Check if it Fits

The first and most essential feature to consider is whether your favorite wrist support fits you perfectly. Check; is it your size? If so, does it comfortably fit?

By knowing if your favorite pick fits you snugly, is the first step to ensuring you get the right brace that will offer max support to your wrist. Some companies have simplified this process by including a measurement chart that helps in measuring your hand before you buy it.


Is it adjustable? To ensure you get a comfortable and secure fit wrist support that doesn't hinder your game, then you need an adjustable brace. You definitely need to consider this since you will be adjusting your brace from time to rim.

So, check whether your favorite pick has Velcro straps, which only need a few minutes to adjust it. But if you are for heavy-duty braces, like the aluminum ones, then those are adjustable too, but they feature screws that may take time to remove them.


How comfortable is that wrist support? Comfort is a major aspect to take into account since it plays a major role in your game constituency. Always know that braces will, without a doubt, hurt your game. And to ensure you don't negatively impact your game, then you should consider getting a comfortable brace.

Most of the Aluminum braces are known to be less comfortable than the fabric ones, but always ensure that they fit comfortably first.


Yes, you need a comfortable brace, but what thing makes wrist support comfortable apart from fabric material? One of them is ventilation. This is because having a brace with a proper vent system as well as fast-drying ability will ensure that you keep your hand dry and comfortable.

Always ensure that any brace you pick offers adequate ventilation because it will be uncomfortable when it starts getting warmer and sweaty. Furthermore, the sweat can start dripping into your fingers, thus affecting your game.


Another key factor that you should consider is durability; this is because some of these braces are quite expensive. Therefore, having a durable brace will reduce the cost you incur on wrist supports.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is don't sacrifice comfort for durability or price. Yes, it is great to buy whet you genuinely afford, but always keep comfort and support in mind too. And to avoid purchasing it several times in a year, then go for durable braces. And the good thing is not all cheap bowling wrist support are not durable or effective, all you need is a careful search.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the common bowling wrist injuries?

There are several injuries that are related to bowling; some affect your shoulder, elbow, fingers, and your wrist. So, the common wrist injuries are Wrist tendonitis of the wrist flexors and extensors and wrist arthritis.

How to stop sweating with my wrist support for bowling on?

The only reliable way to ensure you avoid sweating is by choosing wrist support with proper ventilation. But some braces can allow you to use pads inside them, which can help minimize sweating by absorbing moisture

What is the best bowling wrist support for carpal tunnel?

To alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome from affecting your game, then the ideal wrist brace will be Robby's Leather Plus.

What are the benefits of a bowling wrist support?

To alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome from affecting your game, then the ideal wrist brace will be Robby's Leather Plus.

There are a ton of benefits for using bowling wrist support; the main benefits include:

  • Help you regulate the ball release
  • Limits wrist movement
  • After delivery, the wrist support will prevent the back of your bowling hand from crumpling or titling
  • Help you manage the unneeded movement
  • Improving your precision and consistency

How to measure for wrist support for bowling?

Here are four steps to measure your wrist brace:

  • Pick a tape measure and place the end at the crease of your wrist. You then measure four Inches up your forearm and mark that point
  • Measure the circumference of your forearm around the four-mark
  • Measure the circumference of your arm with a tape around the widest part of your palm.
  • Use the measure you have got to find the right size in the product's size chart.

Why does my wrist hurt from bowling?

Since bowling is a repetitive motion that involves throwing 160-pound plus balls, then incorrect wrist positioning may lead to dangerous stress on your throwing wrist. This will, therefore, lead to pain.

Does a wrist brace help bowling?

Yes, in several ways. For example, it keeps your wrist firm, ensures the correct position, improves you throw consistency, and several other benefits.

Final Thought

Conclusively, the best wrist support for bowling is the one that comfortably fits and works for you. Always know what to look for when buying a wrist brace because by doing that, you will avoid choosing something that doesn't fit or even not work for you. You may ask yourself whether you really need wrist support, but the truth is it is better and safer to have one than not to. There is much to lose when you bowl without wrist support; always know that. So if you don't, have one then make an effort of choosing one from our top 12 list.

77 / 100