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It’s true that not everyone needs to find the best bowling gloves to have a good game. Some people find it natural just to use their bare hands. The feel of your hand on the ball can feel natural and right.

But it’s also true that plenty of people have found it beneficial to wear bowling gloves. Try any of the top-rated bowling gloves and you may end up amazed at the difference. It just might help you get better, and isn’t that the point of playing the game?

Of course, that depends on the bowling gloves you get. We can help you find the right one—since the wrong bowling gloves may hurt your game (and your hand) instead.

Top 11 Best Bowling Gloves in 2020

We considered just going with the usual Top 10 List, but we couldn’t take out any of these bowling gloves out of our list. Each one of them offers something terrific for your bowling game.

1. Ebonite Pro Form Positioner Glove

We put this bowling glove first on the list since Ebonite is arguably one of the top brands in the biz. This particular model has it all, and it’s available in sizes ranging from Small to XL.

This is well-made, using premium materials for the build. You have top-grade leather that’s both durable and supple. You’ll find leather lining in all the openings here for reinforcement. This glove should last a long while, even as it continues to let your fingers and hand move freely.

You then have spandex fabric for the finger gussets and the back of the glove. The stretchy nature of the spandex allows for the perfect fit, as it will literally fit you like a glove. You should feel comfy wearing this, especially as the spandex fabric is breathable. This is one super-comfortable glove to wear, especially if you get the right size. It will fit your hand as if it’s specifically tailored for your hand.

The backhand support system here comes with padded steel to ensure that your wrist is always in the same position when you release the bowling ball. You’re even able to support the tendons in your wrist area with the 3.5-inch elastic hook and loop wristband. That should minimize the pain you may feel after several games.

For those who use gloves for a better grip, your needs are met as well. This comes with a really heavy-duty compound to boost your grip and control with the bowling ball.

The comfort you get may be enough for some to like this glove, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This glove allows your hand to rotate freely, but it also keeps your wrist from breaking over backwards. You’re able to throw more consistently, and that’s a crucial key to improving your game.

This minimizes wrist soreness, and it improves your grip over the ball. What’s not to like? It even looks good!

2. Ebonite React/R Bowling Glove

Okay, it’s another Ebonite. It’s also available in sizes from Small-XL. It’s not as colorful as the Pro Form Positioner, but then the look of the glove is far down our list of priorities.

What’s more important is that it will give you a lot more grip and control over your bowling ball. That’s partly because of the special gripping compound found here, which makes sure that your fingers aren’t slipping off the bowling ball in any way.

With your hand having total control over the bowling ball, you’re then able to get more revolutions and a more powerful hook. For bowling lanes with too much oil, this glove can really compensate.

This has leather over your palm and fingers, which also helps with the control. You can also minimize the chances of developing achy calluses on your bowling hand. This isn’t exactly breathable, though, so you may want to take it off in between throws if your palm sweats.

It’s also best for occasional bowlers since those who play daily have reported that the leather doesn’t last that long.

3. Monster Grip Bowling Glove

If you don’t want to spend too much money on a bowling glove, then this might fit your needs just fine. It’s a cheap bowling glove because there’s no expensive leather here. That’s not really a bad thing for some bowlers, since you may not like leather due to how your palm sweats inside a leather glove.

The only leather here is on the hook-and-loop closure. This allows for a more secure yet still comfortable fit. At the same time, you won’t find it too difficult to unsnap so you can take the glove off between throws.

Not that you’d really need to take this glove off between frames anyway. But your palm area here shows you why you’d want to try this out. This comes with a textured surface for the palms and fingers, and these surfaces are tacky as well.

All these factors combine to give you that “monster grip” that this brand brags about. You’re able to enhance your lift and turn so that you can really put a strong spin on the ball whenever you want to.

The fit is nice as well, with the stretchy fabric fitting snugly on your hand. It doesn’t feel constricting at all.

So why is this so affordable? One reason is that the tackiness fades after a while. If you play once a week, then after about two months, the glove won’t be as tacky as when it was new. Still, it’ll be good while it lasts, and it’s not as if you’re spending a lot of money on it. This costs as much as 2 cups of coffee, so you may as buy 3 or 4 of these for a tournament.

4. Brunswick Deluxe Bowling Glove

This is also another affordable bowling glove, and it’s cheap enough that you can buy a bunch of it and gift your friends. They’ll appreciate it for a number of reasons, including the lack of leather that can make your hand sweat.

This is made from stretchy fabric that fits your hand nicely and comfortably. It comes in a range of sizes, and these run true to size. If you’re a large man with a large hand, then a Large glove will be fine. The Velcro strap closure also ensures a nice fit, and it makes it easier for you to remove or to put on the gloves whenever you want.

The palm surface here offers a non-slip grip on the bowling ball. This also helps with your control, so that the ball will tend to go more where you want it to go. The tacky surface improves your release, and you’re able to put in more revs on the bowling ball for a stronger hook. For lanes with lots of oil, this will certainly help.

It’s very comfy, and it should last a while. It does take some time to get used to, but then you can say that for lots of sporting accessories. The all-black color scheme looks nice enough, and it’s certainly not too flashy.

5. Mumian Professional Anti-Skid Bowling Gloves

A glove, by definition, is part of your attire. So it’s natural that you want a glove that looks nice. For those of us who like things flashy, these gloves are terrific. They come in a variety of spectacular color schemes. These including green or orange with a geometric design in the middle part of the backhand, and black with red or yellow accent lines.

On the palm, you have silicone printing that comes with anti-skid properties. It also offers a bit of support for your wrist. This doesn’t give you a ton of revs, as it’s not designed for that purpose. This is meant for those bowlers who want to feel secure of their grip on the bowling ball during their backswing.

Some players also use this to keep their hands dry. This uses breathable stretchy Lycra, which keeps your hand from sweating. If it does sweat naturally, then the fabric just absorbs the sweat. The material also allows for free hand movement, and you get a nice fit.

The last time we checked this, though, there’s no small option. You can go with either the Medium or the Large, and that’s it. The Medium is for you if your palm width is within 2.75 to 3.15 inches (7 to 8 cm). If your palm width is within 3.15 to about 3.55 inches (8 to 9 cm), then go for the Large.

Just wash this glove by hand, and then let it air-dry. That way, you can keep it soft and comfortable to wear for a longer period of time.

6. Hammer Tough Glove- Left Hand

There’s a large number of Hammer fans out there, and they’re even called Hammer Heads. It’s easy enough to understand why they like this glove, as it serves as a fine example of what Hammer can offer.

First of all, this will fit you nicely. It helps that it has a very wide range of available sizes, ranging from Small all the way up to XX-Large. It’ll also probably fit your fashion sense, with its cool diamond plate pattern with gray, black, and orange colors.

But what this really does is let you put in an additional lift and turn on the bowling ball, giving you more revs and a stronger hook. For those who can’t seem to get that powerful hook they need for strikes, this can do a lot to help. You’ll also want to check this out with oily lanes.

The key to its effectiveness is its textured palm. It offers more grip on the bowling ball, but not too much. It’s also comfy to wear with its lightweight, while it even absorbs sweat from your hand.

Of course, after a few games of absorbing sweat, this can smell a bit funky. You can machine wash this, but don’t put it in the dryer to maintain the palm side's integrity. This can last a while, so you don’t have to end up buying a replacement too frequently.

7. Storm Xtra Grip Plus Glove Black

We got the basic black glove to try out, and this is the kind of non-flashy glove that plenty of people like. It’s available in 3 sizes, from Medium to X-Large. There’s supposed to be a Small version, but we couldn’t find it. The sizing is a bit off, so you may want to go with 1 size larger than what you usually get.

This comes with several key features that make it invaluable for plenty of bowlers. One advantage it gives you is that it helps to keep your wrist position consistent. That’s due to the reinforced backhand support system. You also get extra support for your wrist tendons because of the elastic wrist wrap. Basically, you keep your wrist straight.

Here you find spandex fabric on the glove back and finger gussets, so that you’re sure it molds to your hand shape perfectly. This material is nicely breathable, which means your hand won’t sweat (unless you’re nervous, but that’s not the glove’s fault). This also offers a special gripping compound so that you get the additional feel for better control over the bowling ball.

This is also one durable glove, as it lasts for a very long while. Some have used the same glove for 4 or 5 years, even as they bowl every week. You’ll want to use this regularly, since it does what it’s supposed to every time. If you’re unsure about this glove, you may be interested to know that Pete Weber (5-time winner of the US Open) is associated with the brand. It’s for this reason that some say that its their preferred best bowling glove brand.

8. Storm Power Glove- Left Hand

One of the main problems with gloves is that the width of the pam material is fixed. This is why some folks don’t like bowling gloves at all. Despite the promise of an improved grip and more revs, they just don’t have the right feel for the bowling ball that gives them that control over the ball.

This glove offers a solution to this problem by giving you the best of both worlds. The palm pads here are removable, which is something that you don’t often see in bowling gloves. This means you’re able to control that space between your palm and your bowling ball, to give you that feel you may lose when wearing a bowling glove. The palm pad also puts the bowling ball in a better position for the release.

This also means that you’re able to control the amount of power or rotation you can put on the ball. You don’t have to put in an extra bit of effort or more wrist action to get this effect. The tips of the covers for the index and pinky fingers also have grips, which offers that improved grip you want.

Try out the palm pads, and see how each configuration suits your needs. This can offer the versatility you need for various situations. You won’t have to change your wrist action or put more effort when you want more oomph.

9. Hammer Carbon Fiber XR Glove

Nobody really has anything bad to say about this particular brand, which is quite amazing. Even those who think this isn’t for them admit that it isn’t bad at all. Those who like it say it’s great.

This comes with a textured palm, and it’s this feature that gives you an extra set of revs for your bowling ball. You won’t have to worry about your grip on the ball anymore. It’s extremely tacky, and it’s this feature that you’ll certainly enjoy.

It’s comfy to wear as well, and you’ll certainly enjoy using this if you tend to suffer from blisters and calluses on your hands when you bowl. This glove is designed to prevent that sort of thing, so you’re more likely to enjoy bowling without the associated aches afterwards.

It’s easy enough to take off when in-between frames as well. It comes with a simple Velcro enclosure, which gives you a snug fit. The sizes range from Small to XX-Large, but some folks with very large hands say that even the XXL isn’t large enough. But id you do get a size that fits, you’ll want to use this regularly.

10. Robby's Thumb Saver Glove

Now this comes with a very different design than the other gloves on this list. That’s because it covers the thumb as well. Basically, the people behind the Robby’s brand got their Power X Glove and then put in the Thumb Saver accessory as well.

What this means is that with the glove, you get an additional lift with the textured palm design. The tacky hold on the bowling ball offers better control.

At the same time, the Thumb Saver does what its name implies. It protects your thumb and makes it comfier. If you suffer from Bowler’s Thumb (when bowling puts pressure on your ulnar nerve, so your inside thumb area feels weak and numb), then you’ll want this glove on your hand.

This looks nice as well, with a black and dark blue color scheme. But it’s the combo of glove with Thumb Saver that really makes this work.

11. Brunswick Grip It All Glove- Right Hand

This is mostly dark blue in color, with black accents here and there. What’s probably more important, however, is that you have a textured palm surface on this glove, along with the surface cover for the index and pinky finger.

What this textured surface does is to boost the contact with the ball, giving you a better grip on it for better control. It boosts the revs and increases the speed of the roll at the end of the throw.

The glove also protects your hand and fingers and minimizes any resulting injuries. It’s comfy enough to use, and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. You can always take it off quickly, as it has a Velcro enclosure.

Just keep in mind that the tackiness isn’t permanent. Over time, the textured surface feels a bit waxy. Still, even then it offers an improved grip so you can use this for a long while. This is another one of those gloves for which no one has a bad word. Like it or not, you have to admit that it works as intended. It fits well, and it works great, and it lasts long.

Factors to Consider before Buying Bowling Gloves

The first thing you really have to think about is whether you need one or not. You may need one if your bowling ball tends to slip from your grasp. You also should consider getting a bowling glove if you often strain your hand and wrist while playing the game.

Even if you don’t think you need a bowling glove, the best way to know that is if you try one. You may find that it improves your game significantly. It’s not cheating to use one of these things—plenty of professionals use them as well.

But if you’re trying one, which one should you get? Here are some factors that you need to focus on, when you read the product descriptions and the reviews.

Size and Suitability

First of all, most of these gloves are designed either for just the left hand or the right hand. There are very few ambidextrous designs out there. So if you’re left-handed, be sure you’re getting a left-handed version.

Then, of course, you need the right size. What’s annoying is that some brands tend to have different ideas of what “Medium” or “Large” really means. What’s Medium for one brand may be Large for another, so check out bowling gloves reviews to see if the gloves come true to size.

Material Options

The basic material for the glove will either be leather or nylon. Each one will have its own set of pros and cons, so choose according to your needs and preferences.

Leather is harder, so it will generally last longer. The sturdier material also offers more support, so use this if you want more consistent wrist action while you’re able to provide better protection for your hand and fingers.

On the other hand, leather doesn’t fit well at first. You need to break them in, like with baseball gloves. The material does mold to the shape of your hand after a while. Also, leather isn’t exactly breathable so you may end up with a sweaty hand.

It’s for these reasons that you may want to look for a spandex blend so that you get better flexibility and greater comfort for your hand. Spandex is breathable, so your hand won’t sweat as much.

With nylon, you generally get a more affordable option. It’s much more flexible, lighter in weight, breathable, and also absorbs sweat from your palm. It’s just that these nylon gloves don’t offer as much support, and they don’t really last all that long on the comparison.


Most of these gloves come with textured surfaces that offer a better grip on the ball. The question is this: how much grip does it offer? For some people, a lot of grips are better, especially with heavily oiled lanes. But others may prefer a milder improvement on the grip, so it’s not too much.

The tackiness may also fade after a while, so check out how long it will last. If it doesn’t last too long, then you may have to buy fresh bowling gloves more frequently.

Stability and Support

Newbies to bowling need to learn how to keep their palm rigid and straight to maintain proper control over the bowling ball. A glove can help with this, and some gloves even come with rigid support (or even metal plating) to keep the palm straight.

The gloves are also helpful in protecting your fingers, so see if this works for you. You may want to go with a glove that offers thumb protection if your thumb hurts during or after a game.


This means checking the right fit while also looking for breathable materials. If you’re opting for leather bowling gloves, you should check some spandex areas for better breathability.

You may want to take off your glove in between frames, especially with leather gloves. Look for easy-to-use enclosures such as Velcro straps so you can take off the glove quickly with little effort.


Again, with this issue, you may want to go with leather. Of course, some leather materials last longer than others.

Whether you go with leather or nylon, check out how long you can use the glove before it wears out. Nylon fabrics tend to wear out more quickly, though.

Some gloves have leather linings on the openings for added strength and durability. This will help make the glove last longer, especially if you tend to take off the glove in between frames or throws.

Also, check the maintenance requirements. Some gloves may require hand-washing and air-drying to maintain the tackiness of the palm surface.

Color Schemes

Some people like subdued colors without too much flash. A basic black color will do, along with a bit of color for accents. But others like more colorful gloves. It makes a statement, plus you might like to color-coordinate your glove with the rest of your outfit.


You’ll have to balance out the cost with the durability, as cheap gloves aren’t really saving you money if they wear out too quickly. Also, you may want to pay more to make sure you’re getting a glove that actually works while also comfortable to wear. That way, you’re getting full value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you clean the bowling glove?

If you can afford it, go to a cleaner to get the glove cleaned. Just make sure they have experience in cleaning bowling gloves. They can treat the leather and other materials carefully.

If you want to clean the glove yourself, you should just wash it by hand. Start by filling your sink with lukewarm water and some hand soap. Then soak your glove in this mixture for about 20 minutes. After that time, use lukewarm water to rinse the glove gently. Then let it air-dry.

Why do bowlers wear gloves?

The main reason is to offer support that helps to prevent various bowling injuries. The constant throws of a heavy bowling ball can strain many of your muscles and tendons. This is why even professionals use bowling gloves.

Many of these gloves also protect the fingers, and some even protect the thumb. If you want to prevent blisters and calluses on your fingers, the protection of the glove can help.

For newbies, the support also keeps the palm straight. This is a crucial advantage that can improve a beginner’s game. A newbie can concentrate on other aspects of the game (such as direction and speed of the ball) without having to worry too much if they’re keeping their palm straight.

Newbies can also enjoy the increased grip that many bowling gloves offer. The tacky textured grip keeps the bowling ball from slipping from their hands. This increased grip can also give you more revolutions on the bowling ball.

Can bowling gloves help with arthritis?

Ordinarily, no. But there are special bowling gloves for arthritis. These gloves are meant to lessen the pain, and not really to improve your game.


Even if you think you don’t need a bowling glove, try one anyway. You might be surprised at the results after trying the best bowling gloves. Your game may improve, while you may suffer fewer aches and pains afterwards. That’s a lot of advantages for such a low cost—no wonder the pros like to wear bowling gloves as well.

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