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If you’re really serious about bowling, then sooner or later you’ll be thinking about getting the best bowling ball spinner to keep your bowling balls in tiptop shape. These spinners work by spinning the ball in place. That may seem simple, but with the ball spinning you’re able to clean, sand, and resurface the bowling ball more evenly.

You can get this same service with a pro shop, but now you can get a personal bowling ball spinner and do the job yourself. You save on cost, you can do the job at home, and you can customize the bowling ball at a more personal level.

Best Bowling Ball Spinners in 2020

There are actually lots of options here, and you may even consider getting the very tools that the pros use. But that’s not really a cost-effective option since you won’t be using the spinners every day for your customers.

Instead, we’re going with affordable models with basic features that you should be able to use easily. These things aren’t as expensive, but they sure get the job done.

We have 2 top options for you to consider:

1. Bowlerstore Products Vertex Ball Spinner

Plenty of beginners like to get this model first, as it works while it’s easy to use. Just set this on a very stable workbench, preferably near a power outlet so you won’t have trouble with the 6-foot electrical cord. You’ll find the on/off switch on the cord, so just turn it on once you’ve placed the bowling ball on the ball cup.

Motor Speed

This comes with a ⅓-horsepower motor that spins the bowling ball at a steady rate of 435 rpm. That slows down a bit once you put on some pressure when you use a pad or a towel on the ball. But with practice, you should be able to press firmly on the ball without slowing the rotation speed too much.

There’s a ½-horsepower option, however, if the ⅓-horsepower isn’t enough for your needs.


This is one of this spinner’s strengths because it basically will run for a very long time. One guy has been using the very same machine for more than a decade now and reports that it still works.

This uses extremely tough glass-filled nylon, which helps in boosting its durability. The motors have meticulously designed, and they come with a built-in thermal protector. The design includes the use of die-cast pulleys for long-lasting operations.


This also operates in a very stable manner. This is designed for tabletop placement, and this won’t vibrate or shake when you use this on a concrete basement floor or even on a hardwood floor. Other spinners have to be placed on carpets so they remain stable.

The key, however, is your workbench and floor setup. The workbench must be very stable, so you get rock-solid performance. You then also have to be very sure that your floor is perfectly flat. A kitchen countertop can even work, though you need to think about resulting splatters.

All in all, this is a very durable spinner that works very well for newbies and for experienced players alike. Just use it until the thermal safety shuts down the motor. When that happens, let it cool down first before you continue using this.

2. Innovative Personal Ball Spinner

This is another affordable option with the same ⅓-horsepower motor to power up the spinning. You also get a preset rpm speed for the spinner, but the speed setting is good enough for the tasks you want to be done.

Lots of Freebies

Some of the seller packages come with many of the accessories you’ll need to use with the spinner. Now you won’t have to buy these things separately since you get them along with the spinner.

You can get the cleaners, polishers, and the sandpaper you can use on your bowling ball, and then you’ll know what to get when you’ve used these things up and you need replacements. This even comes with a bowling ball towel, which you can also use when you’re playing.

However, other packages don’t have these freebies. That’s a shame, but it’s not always a bad thing. You can just go and get your own preferred accessories instead. Also, the absence of these accessories may even lower the cost of the spinner.

Easy to Use

This comes with a detailed set of instructions that really helps newbies on what they can do with the spinner. In fact, it even comes with a DVD. You may want to copy the information on the DVD into your PC hard drive so you can consult it more conveniently.

The electrical cord here is also quite long at 8 feet. You won’t have to set up the bowling ball spinner right beside the electrical outlet.

No Wobbling

The spinner works very well, and your bowling ball won’t wobble due to them how this was machined so precisely. It’s made in the USA, with high-quality parts that give you dependable durability for years to come. It uses nylon in the key components so it basically won’t wear down at all.

The motor is protected from debris and dirt with a protective cap. This also comes with high-quality weatherproof bearing shafts, which allow you to use this spinner more frequently. This is so durable that some bowling teams buy this so that everyone on the team can make use of its excellent features.

This is Innovative’s entry-level bowling ball spinner, which is meant for newbies. It’s very affordable, and it works even with its single speed. It doesn’t make too much noise either.

Try this first, and check out the DVD for its various instructions and tips. The whole package (even without the free cleaners and towel) can help you learn how to use the spinner to customize how your bowling ball works. You can then learn how to polish and sand the surface of the cover stock just right—to help you get the bowling scores you feel you deserve.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Bowling Ball Spinners

Aesthetic considerations may be crucial for fashion items and cars, but you simply can’t judge a bowling ball spinner by how it looks. These things are extremely functional-looking. They’re not decorative items—they’re tools.

Normally, you get a platform on which you have the two main components of your spinner. One is the ball cup, where you put the bowling ball and where it spins in place. The other feature is the motor that powers up the spinner.

Cost is another factor that isn’t really a top priority. Most of these things come with very reasonable prices anyway, and it doesn’t take long for you to recoup your investment. You may want to go with a special deal with a bowling ball spinner for sale, but just make sure you buy from an authorized dealer. That way, you’re sure you’re getting a brand-new spinner, and you also have the warranty.

You can’t just go with a cheap bowling ball spinner, since the low price may be there for a reason. It may be cheap because it doesn’t last, or maybe even because it doesn’t really work!

So when you read the spinner specs and check out the bowling ball spinner reviews, make sure you note these factors:

Motor Power and Speed

The spinner features a motor that rotates the ball cup, thereby spinning the bowling ball in place. The motor should be powerful enough to rotate the spinner with lots of rpm. It’s best if you have speed options so you can pick the right spinning speed for whatever task you’re planning.

However, a single-speed spinner also works and cuts down on the cost. Also, you won’t have to make mistakes setting the spinner at the wrong speed. For newbies, a single-speed spinner will work just fine.

Motor Noise

The motor, unsurprisingly, will make a bit of noise when it powers up to spin the bowling ball in place. Just make sure that it’s not too noisy, especially if you’re using this at home with other people living in the house.


With the motor running and the bowling ball spinning, there will be lots of vibrations. That means you need a fairly stable workbench where you can put the spinner. A cheap workbench probably won’t work, since the weight of the bowling ball while it spins can lead to a lot of shaking. Also, the floor where you place your workbench has to be perfectly flat.

If you don’t have a stable workbench and a flat floor, then you may not get the results you need. You may end up even blaming the spinner, when you’re the one who didn’t get the right workbench set on the right floor.

It does help if the spinner comes with rubber pads underneath so it stays in place on your workbench.


Some spinners are more expensive because they come with more accessories. This can include a pedal switch for easier use, along with a towel you can use to wipe the bowling ball as it spins.

Some packages even come with DVDs to demonstrate how you can use the spinner effectively. This is nice, though some people these days may have to hunt for their DVD players in the attic. You may be better off just looking for online videos instead.


How long with the spinner last before it breaks down and needs repairs (or replacement)? Obviously, you’ll want a spinner that can perform flawlessly for long periods of time. Check if it has nylon parts, which are generally tougher and can last a long while.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a bowling ball spinner?

This the machine you get that basically does everything a pro shop can do to get your bowling ball in tiptop, good-as-new condition. You’ve probably been told that even if you clean your bowling ball with a good towel or even with a rejuvenator, you still have to visit the pro shop every now and then to maintain your bowling ball. It’s the bowling equivalent of getting a thorough checkup by professional mechanics for your car.

But now with the bowling ball spinner, you won’t have to. You can basically do what they can do, with this nifty gadget. The spinner can polish the ball for a smoother roll, and sand the surface of the bowling ball to remove scratches and dirt.

This can even do bowling ball resurfacing for the cover stock, so that you again have those necessary sharp edges in your bowling ball’s microscopic pores to maintain the grip you want on the lane.

These devices are actually compact, and you can set them on an ordinary table. But you may want a more stable workbench for best results.

How do I use a bowling ball spinner?

This may depend on the personal bowling ball spinner model you got, and of course the steps you need to take will depend on what you want to do. The good news is that these spinners come with very clear instructions, and they’re very easy to use.

You can even find lots of online videos demonstrating what you need to do. If you’re not able to understand written instructions clearly, then these demo videos can show you what needs to be done.

How do I resurface a bowling ball at home?

You can use your spinner along with Abralon pads, sandpaper, or 3M Scotchbrite pads. The spinner literally spins the bowling ball in place, while you go with a low speed. You then put on the Avalon pad on the bowling ball with nice, even pressure. Go on top, and on the sides. Then after a while, you invert the ball so you can do the other side.

You can use the 180-grit at first. Then you can repeat the process with a 360-grit, which is great if you bowl on heavily oiled lanes. You can then proceed with pads with higher grit ratings, depending on the grippy-ness you want for your bowling ball.

How much do spinners cost?

They’re not very expensive, as you can get a fairly good one for about $320 (that even includes the delivery charges). Some even cost just a little over $200, though they may feature less powerful motors. 

This thing pays for itself, though. How much does it cost you to pay a pro shop to do what you can do with a spinner? After a certain number of visits, your investment with the spinner should pay off. 

How many times can you resurface a bowling ball?

Most experts recommend a full resurface for the bowling ball after every 60 games. You can then continue using the bowling ball, until you’ve sanded away the brand logo. Once that’s gone, it’s a good time to get a new bowling ball.

For professional play, the bowling ball must have a circumference within a range of 26.704 to 27.002 inches. That’s a diameter within a range of 8.5 to 8.595 inches. If your bowling ball gets too small, then the bowling ball will be deemed illegal to use in professional tournaments.

What are the advantages of using a bowling ball spinner?

It’s a much more convenient setup for you to have a spinner at home. That’s compared to the hassle of having to leave it at a pro shop every 60 games. Basically, you can resurface or polish the bowling ball whenever you feel there’s a need for these tasks.

Using a bowling ball spinner is also an investment. That’s because you’re able to save money as you won’t have to pay the pros to resurface the bowling ball. The cost of this service may not seem all that high (at about $10 or so), but these costs add up over time.

Using a bowling ball spinner isn’t even all that complicated. It’s easy enough to do for most people. In addition, you’re able to get a more personal feel and control over how you set up your own bowling ball.

Final Thoughts

Sure, you can just go to a pro shop and have the pros clean, sand, and resurface your bowling ball as needed. But you can do that yourself instead. You save up on the cost in the long run, and you can use the spinner at any time you feel it’s necessary. When your bowling ball isn’t gripping the lane as you expect it to, then you can just fire up the spinner and get to work.

It’s also a lot more personal when you work on your own bowling balls. You’re able to customize its features so that you can set it to work precisely as you want. The best bowling ball spinner can make that job easier for you, and maybe even a lot more fun.

78 / 100