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A Properly uncleaned ball will always affect or even restrict your playing abilities, thus frustrating you, so they say. But is it true?

Of course, yes, it prevents you from fully utilizing the ball's top features as well as influencing the ball's hook potential and more. So, to avoid this, you should get the best bowling ball cleaner for your ball. This will help you improve or maintain your ball performance. Besides, a ball polish and cleaner are cost-effective and an essential accessory that every bowler should have.

However, finding the ideal bowling ball cleaner can be a complicated task. This is simply because nowadays, there are a ton of cleaners in the market. So, to help with this, we have done and completed intensive research for you. As a result, we have compiles the top 12 best bowling ball cleaner and polish reviews.

So, let's check it out!

Top 12 Best Bowling Ball Cleaners & Polishes in 2022

1. Pyramid Monster Tac Bowling Ball Cleaner

Looking for the best bowling ball cleaner that will keep your gear neat and your ball ready to rock the lanes? If so, then Pyramid Monster Tac Cleaner is an ideal choice for you.

This cleaner is not only easy to apply and use but also easy to remove. This will, therefore, give your ball the ultimate grip and performance on the lanes. The cleaner can easily fit your bowling ball bag, which improves its portability and convenience.

Another great thing about this powerful bowling ball cleaner is that it is a USBC approved. That means it has been tested and approved to work better and deliver quality results. Furthermore, it means this cleaner is safe to use -not harmful.

Universal use is another useful feature of this bowling ball cleaner; it can be used in cleaning all types of bowling balls.

This cleaner is also designed to get you back to lane quickly with a ball ready-to-strike, thanks to its impeccable ability to effectively clean ball, lane dirt, and debris. It also brings back the angular polish you want on your equipment. This is because it comes in with Monster Gel and Monster Shine that specifically help you with that.

Certification: USBC Approved ball cleaner


  • It comes with Monster Tac, Monster Foam, Monster Gel, and Monster Shine, which are essentials for quality cleaning.
  • It is an approved type of cleaner to use in all coverstock types.
  • It allows or provides effortless cleaning
  • Easily fits the bowling bag.


  • It has a lot of mist and strong smell, which might not be good for some of you. A lot of mist may lead to most of the detergents being wasted.

2. Storm Reacta Shine Bowling Ball Cleaner

This quart size bottle will help appreciate some savings, unlike using a small bottle that might only be used once.

After a decade of using different bowling ball cleaners, I can comfortably assure you that this is one of the best cleaners in the market. This is because it allows you to fully clean your ball while safely reviving or restoring the ball's performance. This ball cleaner will also help you with reviving the surface tackiness shine of your bowling ball.

So, if you are looking to clean your ball to restore that tacky feeling safely, then this one-step cleaner and polish will definitely help. It quickly cleans and polishes the bowling ball to give an outstanding reaction shine.

This ball cleaner is not only one of the top cleaners, but also one of the highly USBC approved ball cleaners in the market. It will also help you restore the ball's characteristics on the lanes, thus restoring your abilities too.

Certification: USBC Approved


  • It does a great job by putting or reviving a nice shine on the surface of your ball.
  • It gives your bowling ball a nice "slide" which is advantageous for dry lanes.
  • The cloud goes away easily and doesn't leave your ball greasy.
  • It is an affordable bowling ball cleaner.
  • This cleaner has a faint banana smell which is kind of pleasant for most people.


  • Some customers have argued that it leaves a strange film on the ball.

3. Tac Up Bowling Ball Cleaner

If your goal is to restore the natural tack to your ball surface, then you should try this powerful Tac Up Bowling Ball Cleaner. This cleaner is designed to help you clean and restore the ball's reaction, thus ensuring a consistent reaction of the ball across the lanes as well as prolonging its lifespan.

To get the best results, spray TAC-UP straight onto the ball surface, give it between 5-10 seconds before wiping using a clean towel.

So how will this cleaner help restore natural tack to your ball surface? It's simple. This cleaner is made from a strong bio-degradable formula. This formula will, therefore, give this bowling ball cleaner a strong ability to remove scuff, dirt, lane oil, and belt marks on your ball.

Certification: USBC Approved


  • It dries faster without leaving any greasy residue.
  • It can be used to clean all ball surfaces.
  • This bowling ball cleaner is a USBC approved cleaner. This gives quality assurance as well as safety assurance too. Generally, you can use it during any competition.
  • Improves your bowling ball striking precision by getting rid of dirt
  • Its easily cuts right through dirt, belt marks and oil to give a thorough cleaning.


  • A little pricy when compared to other similar products.

4. Ebonite Power Wash Ball Cleaner

If you want to get belt gunk of your ball, or clean dirt and oil, then this is a go-to cleaner.

Ebonite Power Wash is one of the powerful bowling ball cleaners in the market engineered from a strong formula. And because of this, you can improve your ball's backend motion during bowling competition.

Ebonite power wash is also a powerful and fast cleaner. This is because they are equipped with emulsifiers that accelerate the oil removing process, which leaves your ball shinning and ready to strike within no time.

Another good thing that I do like a lot about this bowling ball washer is its faint apple scent. This is because they feature a bio-degradable apple-scented formula that gifts it with that sweet smell. Furthermore, this Power House cleaner is environmentally friendly that offer quality results.

Certification: USBC Approved


  • First of all, this product is a USBC approved, which means you can use during competition
  • It offers a quicker and effective bowling ball cleaning
  • It is adorned with apple fragrance that is bio-degradable
  • This cleaner does an excellent job of removing belt marks, dirt, and oil from the surface of your ball.
  • It lighter, only weighing 5.6 ounces hence portable
  • Improves ball's hook as well as strike and precision


  • Few customers have complained about sticky residue orbs film on the ball after using this product. Probably this may occur only on certain type coverstock but not all.

5. Storm Reacta Foam Bowling Ball Cleaner

When cleaning our bowling ball, we always aim at restoring the tacky feeling. Storm Reacta is, therefore, one of the best bowling ball cleaners and rejuvenators. This product is specifically designed for cleaning reactive balls.

What makes it this good is its strong formula that effectively removes belt or scuff marks, dirt, and oil much faster than most cleaners. It comes in an innovative foam dispenser that enables you to direct spray to the bowling ball surface easily. Furthermore, this innovative design ensures that there is a minimal foam that gets wasted while applying it.

Another great thing is that you will use less amount of this product per clean. This is due to the strong Storm Reacta formula, which saves you money. It is also available in an 8 oz bottle, which can be used for a significant amount of time, unlike a 5 oz bottle.


  • It quickly takes off the surface grime leaving your reactive bowling ball clean
  • Storm Reacta foam effectively rejuvenates your ball's surface giving it a tacky feeling and shine
  • It is an ideal product for general maintenance of your bowling ball


  • It is not stronger enough to remove deep marks like belt rubs or hardened grease. Therefore, you will need something stronger for that, like Tac-Up. But it removes those marks in some balls.

6. Ultra Tac Remove All Bowling Ball Cleaner

If you're are bowling lover, then you will like this bowling ball cleaner. Why? Simply because it cleans your ball very well, which leaves it nice and clean with the right amount of tack.

I have used a lot of different cleaners, and I have found that this cleaner works well on all surfaces. It is a good value product all because it assures and delivers great results on all different surfaces. It has always done an excellent job.

Ultra Tac features a potent formulation that helps clean out dirt, oil, and belt marks from your bowling ball. It is an easy to use type, all you need to do is to spray on the ball's surface, wait for a few seconds (5-10), and then wipe it off using a clean towel. This spray is also conveniently designed product such that it can easily fit inside your bowling bag without taking too much space.

If you are looking for a product that will last for long, then I will recommend Ultra Tack Remove all bowling ball cleaner. The pump for this cleaner is a much better design; therefore, it doesn't leak and works undeniably well.

Certification: USBC Approved for use after or before league play


  • It is a quality cleaner that delivers or leaves better results on your bowling ball equipment.
  • It easily cuts through dirt, oil, belt marks, and other debris.
  • This 8 oz bottle comes with a lot of product that can last longer.
  • It leaves your ball nice and clean and, more importantly, with the right amount of tack.


  • Works well, but there are other cheaper alternatives to go for

7. Lane Ghost Bowling Ball Cleaner

Made for ballers by ballers, Lane Ghost cleaner is arguably the best and most used brand in the market nowadays. This is all because of its powerful ability to cut through oil, scuff, and belt marks. It also helps you prolong the lifespan of your ball by removing dirt as well as restring natural tack.

This product is superiorly designed to improve your game by removing all kinds of debris and reviving the ball's natural tack. By doing this, it ensures that the ball maintains its abilities, like improving reaction, which boosts your performance on the lanes. Not only is this bowling ball cleaner safe for use on all coverstock but also useful too. Whether it is reactive resin, urethane, plastic, and particle proactive, it will always do an excellent job.

The product is made in the USA by an avid bowler team that knows exactly what's needed and what it takes to get an effective product. This, therefore, gives it an added advantage over several other brands. This product has also passed through several rigorous tests to ensure that the final product is both safe and a top-performing cleaner.

Certification: USBC Approved


  • It quickly and safely removes dust, dirt, belt marks and oil build-up from the surface of your ball.
  • It is made in the USA and approved by United States Bowling Congress for use before and after play.
  • It is relatively cheaper than most cleaners in the market.
  • This cleaner is safe to be used in cleaning all types of bowling balls.
  • Comes with a free towel


  • The towel it comes with is a bit small and thin for most professional bowlers.

8. Hammer Bowling Remove All Ball Cleaner

Hammer Bowling Remove All ball cleaner is designed to help remove all debris from the ball and restore your ball's characteristics. This will, therefore, allow you to effectively utilize all the advanced and quality features that each ball comes with.

Designed by experts, this bowling ball cleaner can be used on urethane, plastic, and reactive balls. It removes dirt and oil build-up from the surface of the ball, leaving your ball, looking like a new one. It also helps your ball retain or restore its active motion and strike.

Another positive thing about this Hammer Bowling ball cleaner is that it is safe and easy to use. So, keep your ball as consistent as possible by using this bowling ball cleaner. And if you want something to use in the league or during a competition, then a hammer bowling ball cleaner is the ideal choice for you. This is because it is a USBC approved product that will help you retain your ball's motion.

Certification: USBC Approved


  • It does an excellent job week after week
  • Feature a great formula that thoroughly cleans all kinds of grimes from your ball surface
  • This cleaner helps your ball to get the action back by removing all dirt and oil build-up
  • It works well on everything which enables you to restore your ball abilities


  • It doesn't work well on dull bowling balls
  • It may leave your ball a little bit sticky which will affect your ball control.

9. Pyramid Monster Gel Cleaner and Polish

Here is another monster foam cleaner and polisher that is specially formulated to clean all kinds of dirt.

This foam cleaner and polisher will not only clean your ball but also give it a finer polished end result. It also contains a strong formula that helps restore your ball's natural tack, thus keeping looks like a new ball.

Besides cleaning, polishing, and restoring natural tuck, the Pyramid Monster gel cleaner will also help you improve the ball control. A proper clean and polish with this cleaner will also give your ball better striking power while enhancing its durability.

To keep your motion consistent between shots, frames, and games, Monster Tac and Monster Foam will effectively do the trick for you. This is why Pyramid has different manufactured products to keep you at the top of your game.


  • It greatly improves your hook potential
  • This cleaning product will improve your game by improving your ball's motion as well as striking powerIt helps you improve your bowling ball control
  • Simple to use product with great results
  • The Gel gives the ball a nice surface when using a night before the league


  • Does not deliver a deeper clean
  • It is a bit expensive when compared with other similar products.

10. Brunswick Crown Factory Polish

A colleague once recommended this polish to me a year ago in the league, but I was lazy to odder it until 3 months ago I did. The truth is, it wasn't a disappointing product; it worked as I expected to give my balls a nice and clean finish.

One thing I liked about Brunswick Crown Factory polish is its effectiveness in improving bowling ball's hook potential. It also helps create a strong backend motion as well as great length, which are the essentials things that keep you on top of your game.

The other thing is, it works on different types of balls, which include plastic, urethane, and reactive bowling balls. It comes in a 6 0z bottle, which seems small for 8 oz users, but the good thing is you only need a small amount for great results.

So, here are some of the things the pros and cons that I found while using this product.


  • It keeps the equipment performing at their peak level
  • It a safe and easy to use with great results
  • It enhances your bowling ball's durability by rejuvenating its natural tack
  • Offers immediate general improvement
  • It improved my ball's length without affecting its hitting power
  • Works with or without bowling ball spinner


  • 6 oz can only last for a month or two for most bowlers

11. Ebonite Factory Finish Polish

Here is another Ebonite product that will work wonders on your bowling ball. This Factory Finish polish comes with a formula that will provide a smooth ball surface, which in turn improves your ball control.

This polish features a one-step polishing process that provides a long-lasting smooth and high luster surface. This product also contains no waxes or silicones, making it safe to use. It doesn't affect or alter the ball's overall look; instead, it restores its natural look, and therefore, it can be used on all high-performance bowling balls.


  • This Ebonite Finish Polish features no waxes or silicones
  • Faster and easy to use, a one-step polishing process
  • Increases length and backend
  • Smells like apples


  • It has minimal or no impact on overall hook potential of the bowling ball
  • If not used properly it may cause skin irritations

12. MOTIV Power Gel Polish

Almost all the bowling ball cleaners and polishers are designed to increased cover stock strength. But in this role, there is none that does it better than MOTIV Power Gel Polish. This Power Gel Polish will help you improve any of your ball performance and durability by creating rich luster on the surface.

It is one formulation that comprises of both ball cleaner and polish. Therefore, making Motive Power Gel polish one of the best few bowling ball cleaners and polishers. Just as you clean the ball using this Power gel, the polish will be cutting through grime, dirt, and lane oil.

This power gel polish is also an environmentally friendly product. It features a biodegradable formulation made from natural solvents, hence making a safe polishing solution to use. It comes in a 16-ounce squeeze bottle that can easily fit into your bowling ball bag for convenience.


  • Features a strong formula that can be used on any bowling ball and create a reach luster on all of them.
  • It is a safe and easy to use product – just pour into your towel and rub it onto the ball, and that's all.
  • It does an excellent job in cleaning and polishing your ball
  • It is an environmentally responsible product
  • This ball polishing solution takes care of everything
    The Gel holds form much bette
  • It can be used with or without a spinner, but this polishing solution work 10X better if you have a ball spinner with you.


  • It works well, but for best results, you will need to use a machine cleaner
  • A bit more expensive than other similar options

Things to consider before buying bowling ball cleaners

Nowadays, there are a lot of different types and brands of the best bowling ball polish and cleaners. This, therefore, makes it almost impossible to get the ideal product for your ball. But if you want to get the best bowling ball cleaner and polish, then there are things you need to consider. These are the things that will determine the type and brand you will be buying.

So, here are the things you should consider before buying any bowling ball cleaner.

Is it a USBC Approved?

USBC Approved cleaners are one of the essential equipment if you take or want to take sports seriously. But for novice players, USBC may not matter that much anyway. All in all, you should always know that the USBC regulates all bowling ball and its accessories. 

USBC approved cleaners are a guarantee that you are buying a product that will actually work, and has been approved for safe use. So, I will always recommend that you check if the product is USBC approved or not.

Check the Bottle Size and its Portability

Checking bottle size and portability of that cleaner or polish is important. Do you want a 5 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz or more? -choose what fits your needs as well as capabilities to carry it around.

A small bottle of 5-8 oz can make great when it comes to portability, but it may affect your average cost too. This is because you may need two or bottles within 3 months. However, buying big bottles will be more cost-effective but may not be easily portable and affordable.

But, that's yours to decide on which to go for.

The Cost

Bowling is a great sport and hoppy too. So, whether you are in it for money or fun, it matters but not that much. All you got to look at is how much of the cleaner and/or polish you need, the quantity the company offers, and compare them with your budget.

So, choose your "healthy" budget and decide whether to go for one large quantity bottle or a smaller quantity.

The importance is understanding what you can afford at the moment (which is a great idea) and what you want to save in the long term. 

Cleaner Composition

Different cleaners are made up of different ingredients to give them different and unique results. The main purpose of each cleaner is to remove all kinds of grimes and oil rings from the ball without affecting the ball texture. Cleaners are used regularly even in the mid-game to maintain balls' natural motion and hook potential.

Some cleaners, though, may use ingredients that are not environmentally friendly, which may be harmful to you. Therefore, you should check their ingredients to see if they include ingredients such as silicones, waxes, and several other harsh materials.

Easy to Use

Is the cleaner easy to use? Most people avoid checking or considering this point only to end up struggling and complaining that it doesn't work properly. Some may ask you of the best way to clean a bowling ball properly, but the truth it all starts by knowing how to use the bowling ball cleaner.

The good thing is that most of the commercial bowling ball cleaners today are easy to use. But checking how to use on them is the first step to cleaning your ball properly. Most cleaners come in aerosol cans that you can easily spray on the surface of the ball and wipe it clean using a clean towel.

Check the reviews

The harsh truth is, there is no product anywhere that will have five stars average review after over 50 verified purchases. But, checking and seeing how many 4&5 or 2&1 stars reviews the product has is an essential step to buying a quality product.

Take a sneak pick in amazon on any of our bowling ball polish reviews above and see them. If you do so, you will realize that all of them are really good, but with a few 1-3-star reviews. Which some are not related to product performance but packaging and other reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How to clean a bowling ball at home?

  • To get the best results, you should first know how to clean your ball using a cleaner. So here are some of the steps on how to clean the ball at home.

    • First ensure that you have your preferred bowling ball cleaner and a clean towel, cloth or powder pad
    • Take your ball and slightly spray the cleaner uniformly all around the ball surface. But be sure to concentrate the spray on places with belt marks.
    • Give it 5-10 seconds and then pick your microfiber towel or cloth. Put the ball on the table and start wiping it down using the microfiber towel and ensure you get all the parts. Alternatively, use one hand to hold the towel and the other hand to roll the ball over the towel.
    • And that's it.

    On the other hand, you can use rubbing alcohol to clean your ball if you are planning to save some money. For this, you may need to know how to make the best homemade bowling ball cleaner to clean your ball effectively.

    What to use to clean a bowling ball?

    In order to clean a bowling ball, you will only need 2 or three equipment, which includes your preferred high-quality bowling ball cleaner, a microfiber towel, cloth or bad, and probably a ball spinner (nut necessary). The other important details to have is to know how to clean the ball.

    What does polishing a bowling ball do?

    Polishing the ball is an important thing that improves overall ball performance as well as your ball control. A polish reduces friction and skid that a ball faces while it rolls down the lane. This, therefore, improves ball striking power through energy conservation. This means you will have accurate throws, and you will end up smashing pins more frequently.

    What are USBC approved bowling ball cleaners?

    These are the bowling ball cleaners that have been tested and verified to be safe and effective to use in a competition or league. These ball cleaners are approved by the United States Bowling Congress.

    Do I need a USBC-approved bowling ball cleaner?

    Of course, yes. USBC-approved bowling ball cleaner is the ideal product to clean and maintain your ball as a serious bowler. However, some have opted for additional cleaners that help remove the tackiness that most of these cleaners leave.

    How often should I use a cleaner on my bowling ball?

    According to professional bowlers, there are no right answers as to how often you should clean your ball. The more often your clean the ball, the better -it can be once a week, once a day, after every short, or once a night.

    Where to buy a bowling ball cleaner?

    There are a ton of places where you can buy a bowling ball cleaner. The two most common once are the stores near you that sell this product or amazon.

    What is the best bowling ball cleaner for a reactive resin?

    Most of the bowling ball cleaners work well, but the one the is probably ideal for the reactive resin is Storm Reacta Shine Reactive Polish.

    How to clean bowling ball finger holes?

    Oil and dirt get in there too; therefore, you should clean it to avoid feeling like the ball slipping way. So, start by squeezing or spraying little cleaner (not less & not in excess) at the Conner of your towel, roll it, and push into the hole. After that, twist it around the hole several times and then remove the towel and dry the holes it up, ensuring that no cleaner remains in there.

    Are the cleaning methods different for a plastic bowling ball and a resin bowling ball?

    Generally, there is no specific way to clean a plastic bowling ball. This means the available methods are applicable to plastic as well as resin, rubber, urethane, or particle coverstock surfaces too.

    What cleaner is safe for bowling balls?

    It is always recommended that you frequently clean your bowling ball, and the safe and effective cleaner is any USBC approved cleaner.


    Oil and all kind of dirt will still seep into the coverstock no matter how much you clean it. Bu to ensure you are always at the top of your game while bowling, then you should always clean your balls. The best way to do that is by using the best bowling ball cleaner. So, if you are, therefore, looking for the best cleaner, then you can choose any in our top 12 best bowling ball cleaners above.

    Remember, the best cleaner is always the one that fits your needs and works better if not best.

    91 / 100