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Reading several 6-ball bowling bag reviews may seem odd for a casual bowler. After all, such a player may not even own their bowling ball yet. Buying even a single bowling ball may be considered a significant step to becoming more invested in the game. The very idea of owning 6 bowling ball—well, it boggles the mind.

But dedicated pros and gifted amateurs know full well that different lanes can have different playing conditions. That means to achieve the best scores on these lanes, they need to adapt using particular bowling balls that best suit these different conditions.

It’s easy enough to realize that a bowler who’s determined to get the highest scores they can may end up with as many as 6 different bowling balls. And that means having a 6-ball bowling bag to accommodate them all.

Top 6-Ball Bowling Bags in 2020

It’s true that these bowling bags aren’t all that common, and there aren’t as many of them available on the market these days. We’ve limited our list to just 2 of the top-rated 6-ball bowling bag options.

1. Hammer Premium 6-Ball Roller Bowling Bag

Some products use the “premium” label a bit too liberally, even on substandard products. That’s certainly not the case here, because this best seller 6-ball bowling bag redefines exactly how good such an item can be.

This premium bowling bag has been redesigned with better deluxe features. The designs for the base and wheels are new, and you even get fresh colors to pick from.


This bag measures 44 inches high, 15 inches deep, and 22 inches wide. That should fit nicely in your SUV, though it might be a tight pick in a car’s trunk. You may want to just strap this inside your car.

The handle extends up to 51 inches long, so that’s long enough to make it easier for you to pull the bag along on its wheels.

Large Wheels

This comes with large wheels, with a 5-inch diameter and a 2-inch width. That means you get smooth-rolling wherever you go, even if you need to travel over a grass or dirt path to get to the bowling alley. A large wheel won’t get stuck even on an uneven path, and it’s easier to maneuver.

This wheel is made of urethane, which is certainly more than strong enough to bear the weight of 6 bowling balls and the rest of your equipment. You even get steel bearings, which ensure that the ride to and fro will be smooth and trouble-free. Those ball bearings make the wheels a lot more stable.

Tough Fabric

You have three bags here, actually, all stacked up. These bags feature a tough fabric with a mixed thread count of 600D/1680D. Now that’s really tough, since you normally find 600D fabric for backpacks. That means the fabric can deal with heavy schoolbooks on a daily basis. But you also have 1680D fabric here, and that’s even much stronger.

Even the zipper has been designed to be just a tough. This comes with customized zipper pulls so you can open and close the bag quickly.

Space and Versatility

This comes with enough space to accommodate your 6 bowling balls, plus lots of accessories. The top shoe compartment here is big enough to contain bowling shoes up to size 15. You also have big front storage pockets for other accessories, like your bowling towel. 

The lower compartment for ball storage has a convenient front load design, which means it’s easy enough to open without having to set aside the other bags at the top.

But here’s the really nice part: you can remove the top bag. If you’re going to a more casual bowling game and you just need 1 or 2 bowling ball, then you can use this top bag as your 2-ball tote bag. The shoulder strap here is padded, and you can adjust its length. You can even remove the shoulder strap completely, when you’re using the entire 6-ball bowling bag.

All in all, it has no trouble carrying all 6 of your bowling balls, plus your bowling shoes and other accessories. It rolls around with no trouble either, and it’s designed to last.

2. MICHELIN Rolling Thunder 6 Ball

This is even more expensive as the Hammer bag, if you can believe it. But it’s easy enough to believe it’s expensive even at a single glance. Somehow, it gives the impression of a fancy fashion bag.

But this is more lauded for its function rather than for its looks. Check out the features, and you’ll realize you’re getting your money’s worth:


This is 39 inches high, 14 inches deep, and 23 inches wide. It should fit nicely even in the trunk of your car.

This comes with a large shoe compartment as well, and it can also fit in your size 15 shoes.

Heavy Duty

You can see right off that this is meant to last a long while, starting with the frame and hardware. These components will definitely endure for a long time, even with the constant weight of 6 bowling balls. 

The zipper has been designed to last as well. With the large oval bolt zippers featured here, you won’t have any trouble opening any of the compartments. These zippers are reinforced, and the same goes for the stitching.

As for the fabric, you have 600d polyvinyl fabric here. Polyvinyl is one of the materials you want for a bowling bag, since it balances the needs for both flexibility and durability. This can handle the rain when rolling from the car to the bowling alley, and it won’t be easy for critters to get inside the bag either.


Pulling this along won’t be any problem, starting with the 5-inch silver wheels. With its 8 spokes, you can rely on this to remain stable while offering easy mobility. You’ll find these wheels rolling smoothly, thanks to the wheel bearings.

The telescoping handle also comes with a lock, and you can just use the grip release.

Easy Access

The base section of this bag offers front-loading access. That makes it easy for you to put in or take out the bowling balls from this section. The mid-section offers side-loading, which again offers a convenient opening and closing.

The top section is also detachable, and you can use it as your premium 2-ball tote bag. The non-slip shoulder strap is adjustable, so you can be sure to carry this bag comfortably. You won’t have to worry about the strap slipping from your shoulder either.

This particular bowling bag is a great investment, even if it costs a bit more. It looks great, it’s easy to use, and it moves along nicely. It’s also as formidably strong as heck, and it’s meant to last for years. The overall durability of the frame and fabric (even the zipper) will give you lots of use for years to come.

Factors to Consider before Buying a 6-Ball Bowling Bag

It’s a mistake to simply consider the cost of a bowling bag as your primary buying factor. Sure, you can save a few dollars at first with a cheap 6-ball bowling bag. But the problem is that you may be wasting your money in the end. That affordable bag may end up collapsing, and then you’d have to buy another bag too soon.

What’s more, a failed bowling bag may cause damage to your bowling balls. This type of accident can cause you to spend thousands of dollars to replace the damaged bowling balls. So look on buying the best 6-ball bowling bag in the market as an investment.

But how do you find the best bowling bag on your own? Here are the factors you should prioritize:


Of course, the bowling bag you need to get should be able to accommodate all 6 bowling balls. These bowling balls must be able to fit in easily. But that’s not all your bowling bag should be able to carry.

Don’t forget that you will also need to bring several other accessories to the bowling alley when you’re set to play a serious game. At the very least, you may want to bring along your bowling towel, bowling ball cleaner, and your own pair of bowling shoes. Make sure that your bowling bag has the space for the 6 bowling balls and all your bowling accessories.

Look for bags with compartments that are dedicated for your other accessories. See if they’re big enough for everything.

Keep in mind that the space should be comfortably ample for all your equipment. The bag shouldn’t be too full with all the stuff you put in that you end up straining your bag zippers. You may just end up damaging those zippers.

High-Quality Material

When you buy your bowling bag, you need the right combination of durability and malleability. The material has to be flexible for easier use and to better accommodate your items. A hard material is just too bulky and annoying.

At the same time, you need to be assured that the bag material can actually protect your bowling balls. It should be able to hold the total weight of all those bowling balls, and not tear up. It should also be strong enough to withstand attacks from animals such as dogs, cats, and rodents.

The bag should also protect the bowling balls from environmental factors such as the rain if you have to travel from the car into the bowling alley.

Check the denier count of the bag fabric, which in all likelihood will be a combination of different materials. The denier count (which measures the thread count) will indicate the strength of the material. You’ll want a high denier count, which means a thicker material and a better chance of protecting what’s inside the bag. Also, a fabric with a higher thread count tends to last longer.


This basically means the quality of the wheels underneath the bag. After all, you may have to pull the bag along different kinds of terrain from the car to the bowling alley. You may not always have a nice, paved parking lot to walk through. You may have to walk on grass paths, and when indoors you may have to deal with turns and stairs.

The wheel needs to be tough enough to handle all the weight inside the bag, even while you navigate tight corners and stairs. What you need is a set of wheels you can rely on, so you’re not worried about the wheels falling off or breaking down.

You should also check the telescoping handle. It should extend long enough for you to use comfortably, and it should lock at the length you want.


Some of these bowling bags may also have removable bag components. That means you may be able to take out the top bag, for instance, so you can just go with a 2-ball bowling bag instead. When you’re just playing with friends to pass the time, then this versatility can be a godsend. Bring a 6-ball bowling ball to a serious tournament is one thing, but a 2-ball bowling bag may be more apt for more casual games.

Final Thought

For many casual bowlers, the thought of owning 6 different bowling balls may seem like overkill. But that’s not the case when you become a serious bowler. At that point, you’d understand the need for different bowling balls for a wide range of unique playing conditions.

If you have 6 bowling balls, then it’s logical to get a bag to hold them all to bring to a high stakes game or a major tournament. With our 6-ball bowling bag reviews, at least we’ve highlighted the features you need to look for when it’s time for you to buy a bag like this.

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