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A casual bowler may think that buying their own bowling ball constitutes a serious enthusiasm for bowling. But a bowler with a serious dedication for the game will have at least four bowling balls in their arsenal. They need a “strike ball” for each type of lane: dry, medium oil, and heavy oil. The last ball is for spares.

If you’re going to a new bowling lane or to a tournament, then you better have the best 4-ball bowling bag for all these bowling balls. That way, you’re sure you have the right strike ball for any type of lane condition, plus a spare ball for picking up one or two remaining pins.

Top 7 Best 4-Ball Bowling Bags in 2020

Not just any bag will do, though. To help make sure you get a bag that won’t fail you, check out our list of the top-rated 4-ball bowling bag options:

1. Hammer Premium 4-Ball Stackable Bowling Bag

Hammer is one of the more famous brands in the bowling equipment industry, so it’s not surprising that we start the list with one of their bags. This is their “premium” model, so you can expect a lot of deluxe features. But we should focus on the more crucial advantages.


This is perhaps the most important advantage of this Hammer bag. It uses 600D/1680D fabric that can handle the weight. You’ll also find the same durability in the frame and handle, the wheels, and even the zippers on this bag. Expect to use this for years.

Lots (and Lots) of Pockets

You probably won’t be able to complain that you don’t have enough pockets and compartments on this stackable bag. You’ve got pockets on all sides, which does make you think that Hammer is subtly encouraging you to buy more of their accessories to fill up these compartments. One of these compartments is even detachable, so it works as a handbag for your towel.

The top bag is detachable as well, and it works as your 2-ball tote bag if you know what kind of lane condition you’re facing. The compartments for the bowling balls are front-loading, so you can take out the bowling ball at the lower compartment without having to unstack the bags first.


When they’re all stacked, you can just extend the telescoping handle up to a maximum of 45 inches. The wheels here are the celebrated “Kruze” urethane wheels. These are very tough as well (thanks to the urethane). These roll very smoothly, with the steel bearing helping to make it stable.

Great Looks

You can go for the somewhat flashy but iconic black and orange color scheme that the Hammer brand is known for. But we tried the more subtle black and carbon (gray) color combo that oozes with quiet confidence. With its 5-year warranty, you know that this will last quite a while.

2. KR Strikeforce Royal Flush 4X4 Roller Bowling Bag

The KR Strikeforce brand is so confident of the strength and durability of this bag that it usually comes with a warranty period of 7 years. There’s probably no other 4-ball bowling warranty that’s longer than that. It’s one of the reasons that this is a top-rated 4-ball bowling bag.


It’s not surprising that this comes with the premium 600D/1680D blend of ballistic fiber. The brand calls this its “KR armor”, which basically means it’s tough.

Even its zippers are just as strong, as you’ll find the topnotch YKK luggage zippers here. This is arguably the most famous name in the zipper industry, as these dependable zippers are generally what you also find in other tough bags.

The 4 wheels here are also the same “Kruse” wheels in the Hammer listed above. It’s made of tough urethane, and the steel bearings give you a smooth roll with a nice balance.


This comes with 2 compartments on all sides of the bag, so you can’t complain about a lack of accessory storage. You also get a separate shoe compartment.

Single-Bag Design

The difference here with the Hammer bag is that this is a single large bag. The advantage of this is that you can just open the whole front and see lots of your stuff at once.

The main disadvantage is that you don’t get that separate 2-ball tote bag. In fact, it might be a challenge trying to lift this entire bag (with 4 bowling balls inside) into the trunk of your SUV. It may not even fit in your car trunk, and you can’t separate it into 2 bags.

Overall, this is a long-lasting bag that rolls nicely and offers generous space. You just need to make sure you can handle its weight when lifting it into your vehicle’s trunk, and that trunk has to be big enough!

3. MICHELIN Storm Streamline 4 Ball Bag

This doesn’t look overly flashy at all, but it still looks cool. It’s also tough, and it even comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Clearly, the folks behind this bag think it will last for a long time.


If you’ve read the reviews, then you know that this bag is a time-tested model. Plenty of people attest to how it can last for a very long time. One said that it lasted for 8 years before they bought another one to replace it.

Another said that theirs only lasted about 3½ years, but the bag fabric wasn’t the problem. It was the zipper and the handle which broke. The owner did admit to near constant travel and use (and also admitted to buying this bag again after the first one broke).


This is actually 2 bags that you stack when you’re pulling it around. The weight of the top bag does keep it in place, but don’t get jiggy with the bag when you’re pulling it. Just pull it normally and don’t start racing with it, or else the top bag will fall off.

With the 2-bag design, this means you can just use the top bag for your 2-ball tote bag. In addition, you can separate the 2 bags if they both can’t fit inside your car trunk.

Easy Mobility

The handle extends, and the three 4-inch wheels work as intended. Moving this around is easy enough, and it’s fairly stable.

Overall, this is a nice bag that will last you for a long while—and it’s not that expensive. You get plenty of pockets, and the 2-bag design gives you lots of convenient uses.

4. Hammer 4X4 Diesel Inline Roller Bowling Bag

This one also comes with the single-bag design, and just about no one has anything bad to say about it. Of course, it’s a Hammer bag, so it comes with a well-deserved reputation. But even if you don’t know the brand, when you use this, you’ll realize that it’s terrific.

Lots of Storage

This offers ample space for just about all your bowling stuff, with large storage compartments on all sides. This also comes with that convenient separate storage space for your bowling shoes. If they’re size 15, they’ll fit inside nicely.

With so many pockets to use, you may want to get into the habit of putting the same stuff in the same pockets. That way, you won’t have to waste time picking random pockets to open to find a particular item.

You may want to label the pockets, but that will just mar its cool looks. We went with the subtle black and carbon color scheme, which oozes with confidence.

Easy Use

There’s no real trouble with this bag at all. The compartments all open nicely and smoothly. The handle extends up to a length of 42 inches. Pull the handle, and it offers a comfy grasp especially with its larger size.

Moving this about isn’t any trouble at all. You have 4 of the famed Kruse wheels here, which lets you roll around smoothly. The steel bearings provide stability for the bag while you get a quiet ride all around.

Even lifting this bag into the trunk of your car seems easier, compared to using other bags. Hopefully, you have a trunk that’s big enough for the whole thing.


Yep, this will last a long time. You get the usual premium materials here. The bag uses 600D/1680D fabric, and the wheels are made of urethane. Hammer also uses high-quality zippers and handles, so everything here should last for years.

5. KR Strikeforce Hybrid X 4 Ball Roller Bag

This is another high-quality bag from KR Strikeforce, and it offers solutions to problems that many 4-ball bowling bag users have trouble with. This comes with a 2-bag design, with a detachable top bag that you can use when you just want a single strike ball to go with your spare bowling ball.


When you have 2 soft bags stacked on top of one another, you generally want to be careful. Moving the bag around can be problematic, since the top bag might fall. But this is less likely to happen since the top bag has pegs to keep it in place.

There are even attachment straps you can use, but in general, you don’t really have to. This means you can easily take off the top bag when you need to, such as if the whole thing can’t fit inside your car trunk.

Protective Lower Bag

The top bag uses the usual 600d fabric that you’d find in any usual backpack. The problem with that kind of fabric is that the lower bag may be vulnerable to damage when you’re pulling the bag around. You may bump into walls and other items, and damage your bowling balls inside.

This time, the lower bag is made with tough molded plastic. It’s a lot more protective.

Wide Wheels

This comes with wide 5-inch wheels, which really works on just about any terrain. Sometimes you may have to roll this on a grass or dirt path on the way to the bowling alley. That’s not a problem with these wheels.

This comes with all the pockets you need, and the durability is outstanding. Just be careful with the wide wheels, or else you might get it caught too often on furniture legs.

6. Moxy Dually 4x4 Inline Roller Bowling Bag

This comes with all the usual features that you’d expect to find with premium 4-ball bowling bags. You have the 5-inch Kruze wheels, and you have 4 of them all in all. There’s the retractable handle with the grip release. You’ve got your usual bevy of pockets that can accommodate all your accessories, including your bowling shoes.

This does come with that single-bag design, which means you can’t separate it if the car trunk is too small. There’s no detachable 2-ball tote bag either. But other than that, it’s great.

So, what makes this so special?


First of all, it’s just as durable as the other bags on this list. It comes with a 5-year warranty, but even without that bit, you know it’s tough. Bowlers on school teams have used this almost daily (5 days a week), and it’s been in and out of car trunks constantly. Yet you won’t find a scratch on it, and everything works fine.

You still have that 600D/1680D fabric here, of course. The wheels are made of urethane as well. The nice thing about this is that you don’t have to replace the entire thing if ever the handle breaks. You can just buy a replacement handle from Moxy.


Somehow, these 4 wheels are very easy to maneuver around. It helps that it has a slim design. Also, the wheels don’t stick out, so you don’t keep snagging the wheels on furniture legs.

It’s even easy to lift into your car trunk with the end pickup handles. Another special feature here is that the handle locks flush down, so the handle won’t be too long for your car trunk.

You’ve got other attractions here, including the custom Hammer zipper pulls, full padding around the bowling balls for protection, and inside access to the shoe compartment. All in all, you can’t fault anyone if they get this bag.

7. MICHELIN Storm 4 Ball Rolling Thunder Bowling Bag

This is the most expensive bag on this list (though that may depend on the seller). Even glancing at it makes you suspect that it’s really expensive. But when you use this, you’ll admit that the price you pay is money well spent. It has just about everything, except for a low price.

2-Bag Design

This also has that detachable bag on top that you can use as your 2-ball tote bag. It even comes with a non-slip shoulder strap that you can adjust.

Everywhere else here, you’ll find the usual pockets and shoe compartment.


This comes with a 5-year warranty. It uses 600d polyvinyl fabric with reinforced stitching. You’ve got reinforced zippers and a durable handle and frame.

The wheels are probably the only “weak spot,” but if you don’t bump it around, then it can still last a while.

This is basically a tough bag with all the storage you need, with a separate tote bag for just 2 bowling balls. Use it with care, and it’ll take care of your bowling stuff for years to come.

Factors to Consider before Buying 4-Ball Bowling Bags

When you’re reading various 4-ball bowling bag reviews, consider the following aspects first.


Look for high-quality fabric, such as 600d polyvinyl. The 600d/1680d blend is also an excellent fabric. These fabrics can really last a long while, and they can protect your equipment nicely. It offers a nice mix of flexibility and strength.

Check that you have a heavy-duty frame, and the handle should last (sometimes it doesn’t). Look for steel components for these parts. Get urethane wheels if you can, and hope that the zippers are reinforced and top-quality. Zippers are notorious weak spots for bowling bags.


Look for large wheels, with at a diameter of at least 4 inches (but 5 inches is certainly better). Wide wheels are great for rougher terrain, but the downside is that you may snag on furniture legs often. You should be able to maneuver the bag around easily, so you minimize hitting the furniture.

Check the quality of the handle as well. This should be extendable and easy to lock and release. It’s best if it locks down flush to the bag, so that it fits more easily in the trunk.

Ease of Use

Check that you have all the space you need for all your stuff. Some bags have small and large pockets on all sides so that you can put various items inside them. There has to be a separate compartment for your shoes as well.

The zippers should open and close easily too. However, you need a front-loading design for your bottom compartment if you have a 2-bag design. That way, you don’t have to take off the top bag first to get the bowling balls out of the bottom bag.

2-Bag or 1-Bag Design

For those who like the versatility of having a detachable tote bag, then go with a 2-bag design. This design also makes it easier for you to fit one bag into your car trunk if you can’t fit the entire thing.

Also, some people can’t handle lifting a single large bag at once into the trunk. It’s more convenient to just put in 2 smaller bags one at a time, even if they both fit into the car trunk.

The problem is that the top bag may fall off when you’re moving the whole thing around. That’s why some people just go with the 1-bag design—it’s usually more affordable too. Just be sure you can lift it into the trunk, and that it fits inside. But you can always just out it inside the car if the trunk is too small.


Most of these bags look nice, though it’s better if you have several color options. Some people like a flashier look. Other color schemes are more subdued, but for some people, this is a classier look.

It’s probably best if you go with a darker color, as it won’t show the dirt too easily, this is probably why black is a common color for all these bags.


Don’t go with the overly cheap bags. You’ll probably end up with substandard components. Those bags won’t last, and then you end up spending money again on a new bag.

If you check the prices on our list, you’ll find that they all cost around $200. That’s not a bad investment on a bowling bag, considering that 4 bowling balls will cost a whole lot more. Besides, you’re also paying for the convenience of bringing all 4 bowling balls with you without any trouble whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What feature is the most important in your bowling bag?

While you should consider several crucial factors before you buy your 4-ball bowling bag, perhaps the most important of these features is durability. Think about it, and you’ll understand. It doesn’t matter if it’s easy to open or close, if it will accommodate all your stuff, or that it rolls smoothly—not if the bowling bag doesn’t even last a whole month.

Even buying cheap bowling bags won’t be cheap at all, if your bowling bag requires you to buy another one too soon.

Does the brand matter?

The short answer here is yes. Brand reputation doesn’t get established overnight. That reputation has to be built over several years, with consistent quality over a wide range of products.

That’s why it may be a better deal for you to stick with a known brand. You have a fairer idea of what quality you’re getting with the best 4-ball bowling bag brand. It’s not much of a gamble.

On the other hand, going with a new and unknown brand is too much of a risk. You’re not sure at all of the quality of the bowling bag you’re getting. You can’t even be sure that the brand will honor its warranty if something goes wrong.

So stick with the established brands whenever you can. The odds are good that a famous brand’s bowling bag will serve you better than some upstart brand’s product.

What if I am traveling with the bag frequently?

In this case, you better make sure that your bag is durable. Constant travels with the bowling bag will strain the material, so your bag should be able to handle the pressure.

It would help if you had something that’s also comfortable to carry and travel with. Frequent travels can be annoying and frustrating, and you don’t need an uncomfortable bowling bag adding to the stress you feel.

Finally, if you’re traveling by plane, then you need to be aware of weight constraints. You should make sure that your bag and the equipment inside comply with any weight requirements.

Between nylon and polyvinyl, which one is better?

Most experts will tell you to go with the polyvinyl. This is a premium-quality material found in the better bowling bags. It’s made by weaving a tight fabric using plastic threads, giving a tough cloth that’s both strong and waterproof. Yet despite its strength, it’s also malleable.

Some go for nylon because it’s affordable. On the face of it, nylon doesn’t seem like a bad choice at all. Some good bags are even made of nylon.

In general, the better nylon bags go through a treatment process that also makes it water-resistant. Some high-quality nylon (such as a high thread count or denier count) gives it the durability you need. It doesn’t even weigh as much, so it’s suitable for lightweight bowling balls and air travel.

It’s just that nylon, on the whole, is not as tough and strong as polyvinyl. Check the bags of the pros—most of them will be made of polyvinyl instead of nylon. That should give you an idea of which is better.

Do the zippers matter?

The answer here is a resounding yes. If you’re an adult, you’re probably old enough to realize that the zipper is often the weakest component in any sort of bag. How many times have you bought a supposedly “tough” bag only to be disappointed by a weak zipper that fails you too soon for your comfort?

Find strong zippers, with enough strength to last just as long as the bag fabric and all the other components. If possible, check if you can lock the zipper with a padlock. That way, you don’t have to worry about some nefarious character trying to steal your bowling accessories.

Final Thoughts

If you’re serious enough about your game that you have 4 bowling balls, then do yourself a favor and find the best 4-ball bowling ball to vary them all. That way, you won’t have any trouble traveling to your tournament or bowling alley, and you can see contrate on just doing bowling well!

86 / 100